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   Chapter 945 Who's Calling (Part One)

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When Violet came to her room, she found that Greg had already retired for the day. Since her husband had not shown the decency of waiting for her Violet's anger knew no bounds.

She stormed towards his side of the bed and yanked his quilt with all her might. Sulking, she snapped at Greg, "Who gave you the permission to go to bed so early?"

"What's wrong with that? I have to go to work tomorrow. Besides, the earlier I go to sleep, the better it is for my health," Greg retorted casually, trying to feign a yawn which irked Violet.

"Then, sleep in the guest room. Don't take my bed," Violet seethed in anger, as she sat on the edge of the bed.

"It's not illegal if a couple shares the same room, I guess?" Greg argued with her, blinking his eyes open. Out of the blue, he pulled Violet onto the bed and pounced on her like a tiger awaiting his prey.

"You..." Violet tried to break free but failed in her attempts.

His face was close to hers and he could feel her warm, pleasing breath. Fixing his earnest, passionate eyes on her, he proposed, "Why don't we live together and never split up, okay?"

"Greg Xiao," Violet called out his name. "No more empty words I am telling you. You have to prove what you say with your actions."

"Okay, I will show you my actions right now," Greg responded with a sly smile. Just as he was about to kiss her soft lips, Violet pleaded in a weak tone.

"Greg," Violet cooed, "I am feeling very tired today. Let's go to sleep early, okay?"

When he heard her soft voice, he controlled his desires. Just gazing at her lovely face invoked a mixture of feelings in him. 'I want to give her all the love I have. I will pamper her and thus make her the happiest woman in the world, ' he pondered.


enjoyed their breakfast in the dining room.

"I and your Dad will go to visit your Grandma. You can also come there and have lunch with us," Cherry said.

"Okay. I do not think I have much work to do in the company today. I will be there by 11:00 am," Lawrence replied immediately.

"Is everything okay in the company?" Jackson asked with concern.

"Yes. Every day I deal with some new things in the office," Lawrence answered curtly. He was telling the truth. So far, he hadn't met any problems ever since he had taken over the company. Even if he got into some trouble, he thought he would handle it properly.

"Good! Don't push yourself too hard," Cherry cut in. She was very concerned about her son.

After finishing the breakfast, Lawrence left home for his office.

But, instead of heading for the company, he wanted to meet Aria first.

As he drove the car he dialled her number.

"Hello, Larry," Aria answered instantly.

"Where are you?" Lawrence asked eagerly, and his pleasure could be heard in his tone. He just wished that Aria could show up before him right now.

"I have reached the office. What's up?" Aria asked in confusion.

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