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   Chapter 944 Violet's Happiness (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-15 05:31

Still looking a Lawrence, she added, "And it's even more important that your marriage is rooted on the fact that you love each other equally."

Lawrence nodded in reply, still avoiding his mother's eyes. He was expecting that answer from her. 'I knew she had her own requirements for my wife. But I also know that she's hoping for me to marry someone I truly love. She raised me to be a compassionate and grateful person. She would always tell me that a good heart is more important than money and fame, ' he reflected.

"Lawrence, did you..." She stopped and looked at her son expectantly. She was sure that Lawrence knew what she wanted to ask.

"Never mind, Mom," Lawrence quickly replied. He was worried that the longer they stayed on the topic, the more likely he was going to mention Aria to Cherry.

"Okay, I see," Cherry replied as she looked away. "If you finally meet someone you like, make sure to introduce her to me," she smiled and added.

She had wanted to see her son get married for a while now. 'Violet and Alice have both settled down already. But Lawrence still haven't found someone. I've always wanted to see him have his own family, but I can never force him. I know him and I'm sure that if I hint at wanting him to find a wife, he will not forget and feel terrible for not being able to give me what I want. But all I ever really want is for him to be happy and for him to find someone who can give him the kind of love he deserves, ' she mused.

"Of course, Mom. Don't worry, I will," Lawrence looked at Cherry and smiled.

After a while, they went back inside and returned to the living room. They caught sight of Violet and Alice as they headed down the stairs.

Alice waved. "I was just about to go home," she said as she kissed Cherry on the cheek.

"Why won't you just stay for the night?" Cherry offered. 'It's getting late, she should just stay in tonight, ' she thought.

Alice playfully looked at Violet and a teasing smile appeared on her lips. "Someone might not want me to stay here tonight. I think she wants to spend a lovely evening with her husband," she kindly teased as she wiggled her fingers towards Violet.

"Come on, Alice!" Violet responded coyly.

Alice was laughing as she shifted her gaze back on Cherry and Lawrence. "It's okay. Violet and I will hang out and have a

nd the kids. I will never turn my back on you, darling."

"You've always made me happy. We've been through a lot together and I know whatever comes our way, we will stay strong. This is the life I choose and the life I've always dreamed of. Having you and the kids would always be enough for me," Cherry expressed. She was overwhelmed with Jackson's words and love for her.

Jackson continued to hold his wife's face. He stroked her cheeks as he said, "You're more than enough for me, as well. You, Violet, and Lawrence are my greatest treasures. You are a blessing that I will forever be grateful for."

"Honey," Cherry said abruptly. She stood straight and faced her husband.

Jackson tilted his head. "Yes, sweetheart?" He asked.

"What are your plans? What do you want to do next, now that we're about to retire?" Cherry looked at her husband intently as she asked.

Jackson softly smiled at her, wistfully looked out the window and said, "Hmm. Let's see. Well we can look after our grandchild once Violet gets pregnant. Maybe we should rush Lawrence to marry so we can also get to take care of his kids." He looked back at his wife and whispered, "And of course, I plan on taking care of you for the rest of our lives."

Cherry smiled and hugged Jackson. Suddenly, "Oh! One more thing. There's something we need to talk to Mond about. When Natalie gets married and has a baby, her child's family name must be Chu, not Xu," Cherry blurted stoutly.

"Yes, of course. Her child will be a descendant of our Chu family," Jackson firmly agreed.

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