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   Chapter 943 Violet's Happiness (Part One)

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After hearing her friend's confession, Alice bit her tongue and tried to hold the tears that threatened to leave her eyes. She sighed and taught about how gratified she felt for her friend. She saw the look of undeniable resilience and confidence in Violet's eyes.

"I understand how ambitious and how exceptional you, Lawrence, Greg, Natalie, and Austin are in all your ventures. I know all the sacrifices and the initiatives you all took to reach the top of where you are now. Yes, your families aided you with financial supports. But that wouldn't have mattered without your desire and persistence to become better versions of yourselves. I am aware that it may seem like we have more open doors of opportunities because of who are families are. They may have provided an extensive stage for us to present and express what we can do, but it will always be up to us whether we will be able to perform and flourish on that stage. That is why no matter how supportive people around us are, we know how important it is to be able to improve and surpass all expectations. We all seek to make our families proud," Violet continued to voice out.

As much as she tried to hold it, Alice's eyes swelled and a pair of tears slowly raced down her cheeks. She looked at Violet with such warmth and nodded continuously. With such a heartfelt sob, she replied, "I am so happy for you, Violet. You carry yourself very differently now. You have become such a strong person."

"After all the heartache and trauma that I have endured, I honestly did not expect to get my master's degree within two years. The memory of it all would harrow me from time to time. I would find myself tearing up and the thought of giving up would cross my mind sporadically, but I fought and soldiered on. I opted to divert all my energy in studying, and I welcomed the pressure that came with it. I was in class for most parts of the day and I would go to several tutorials at night. I absorbed all that I can, and I was determined to become competent. I would sometimes struggle and tumble. Mom hated to see me in distress, she would often persuade me to stop. But I was adamant because I knew how important it was for me to do and be better," Violet contemplatively looked back on.


ing. 'I feel so glad that I am together with my Mom and my family once more, ' he mused. 'I have no idea what to do about Aria, though.'

Cherry noticed the sudden change in her son's face. She felt how preoccupied he was. 'What's troubling him?' She wondered.

"Is something wrong, Lawrence? You look so deep in thought. What's the matter?" Cherry tilted her head and looked at her son questioningly.

Lawrence closed his eyes and felt the night's gentle breeze on his face. After a while, he opened his eyes and looked directly at his mother. "Mom, What kind of girl do you wish for me to marry?" he asked abruptly.

"Why? Is there something in your mind?" Cherry was surprised at the sudden change of direction in their conversation. She was still staring at her son, waiting him to look at her. 'Hmm. I wonder if he's seeing someone, ' she curiously thought.

"Nope, nothing's on my mind," Lawrence replied. He focused on the shimmering sparkles of the stars above to avoid meeting his mother's eyes. 'Mom knows me well. I know that the moment I look at her, she'd know what I'm thinking about. But, god I miss Aria, ' he mulled over.

Cherry knew Lawrence was dodging both her question and her eyes. She decided not to nag him further as she thought that he would tell her when he was ready. She opted to answer his question, "Of course I'd love for you to find a decent lady of a wealthy family and she is good for you. This way, you two will have much in common and get on very well."

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