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   Chapter 942 The Perfect Change (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6253

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Cherry's voice echoed in the room engulfing everyone in her love, concern and warmth. She continued, "Violet and you have known each other for a long time. I know your love is true and pure. Take very good care of what you have between the two of you. I trust you both to handle the future maturely, to respect, cherish and love each other dearly."

"Thank you Mom. We'll try everyday," said Violet.

"Brilliant!" said Cherry. She then took a deep breath and smiled, "So then let us have a drink to celebrate this reunion."

"Cheers!" said Derek and stood up.

Others followed suit.

It was a beautiful scene, as the sweet wine flowed, glasses clinked and laughter ensued.

Together, the family and friends enjoyed an evening full of smiles and happiness, chatting all along and making merry memories.

After dinner, Derek and Amy went home.

Alice quickly whisked Violet away, "Violet, let us go to your room. I need to tell you something important in private."

At the same time, Jackson walked to Greg and said to him, "Greg, come with me. I want to ask you something."

Greg looked confused but agreed, nevertheless. "Alright, let's head to the study then?"

As everyone dispersed, Cherry saw the retreating figures of Greg and Jackson going upstairs and she thought to herself, 'Hmmph...well it seems everyone has some or other business but me!'

Just then, Lily walked in with a plate of fresh, juicy fruits, cut just right. She placed the plate onto the table and said, "Lawrence will be with you shortly, my lady. He has gone to see Mr. Derek off."

Cherry smiled at Lily's concern and said, "Yes of course. You know what, I think I'l go upstairs to the second floor. I'll be resting there for a bit. If Lawrence comes, send him up to me, will you?"

"Of course," replied Lily.

In the study, Jackson sat opposite Greg.

"What is it D

d sad. And Greg! Oh my god, I could not take my eyes off him because he just kept gazing at you. Good work keeping him so attached to you!"

"Well that is how I roll, don't I! I know he will always have eyes just for me. I trust my charisma to work." Violet was very blunt, "Dare he look at other women, I will never let that happen. Greg will always only look at me!"

"Wow, Violet, you have changed so much. What has made you so tough now?" Alice gazed at her best friend and realised how far they had come. Violet had grown into a smart, mature and beautiful young woman with her head right above her shoulders. She had no unruly demands.

Violet said to her genuinely, "Alice, you know in the past, I want to live quietly. I didn't want to be famous. I didn't want to show up in the public. But now those thoughts are gone. What I have learned, who I have met and what I have seen in Hong Kong totally changed me. Only by bettering yourself can you become powerful. If you look down upon yourself, others will also despise you. Now I understand why you strove so hard to live better in France. Hold on and move forward, even if you are suffering from injustice. That's how you build your confidence and that's the best attitude of life."

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