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   Chapter 941 The Perfect Change (Part One)

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" are you not jealous now?" Derek asked with genuine curiosity.

Greg was taken by surprise with this question and gave them a blank look. But his mind was racing and thoughts flooded in, one after the other, like a rising tempest, 'This Stephen might just be Jackson's rival in love, ' he thought.

"What do I have to be jealous of, I have nothing to envy! Stephen's child is as old as Violet, he's a father! Cherry can talk to him and contact him if she wants to, why would I have a problem with that?" Jackson took a pause and breathed. Everything he had said right now was more than true. As a young, hot blooded lover, he had every right to be jealous of Cherry talking to other men. After all, that was how he had shown his love for her. But now, things were different. Cherry and he had fallen in a peaceful laid back place, where love need not be shown or proven to each other. Now he did not have a problem with her talking to other men.

Derek thought a while and nodded, "Yes, you're right Jackson."

The conversation then turned to banter, as if they had picked up from where they had last left.

Suddenly, Violet sauntered into the room to find the gentlemen engaging in friendly banter. A hush fell over and the men stopped talking to look at her.

Violet paid no heed to who else was there. She barely glimpsed at Lawrence and Greg and directly went to her father. Even in her confident strode, she didn't glance at anyone else. She plonked down next to Jackson and put his arm around her, "What are you talking about Daddy?"

Jackson smiled at his little princess, "Well, if you are that curious to know what we are talking about, maybe you should sit here and find out."

"Oh, no no. I am not here to stay. I only came in to give you Mummy's message. She has said that dinner's almost ready. You can chat for a little time but once Lily serves dinner, I'll call you

s very happy. We miss you, you know?"

"Absolutely!" said Alice.

Cherry then looked towards Derek and slyly said, "Applies to you too Derek. You can come see Jackson anytime, as long as he is not spending time with me."

Derek responded to her with a huge smile, "Well, in that case, I'll come and have a drink with him everyday!"

That lightened the mood for everyone on the table and they all laughed in unison.

Finally addressing Bill and Lily, Cherry said to them with a smile, "And you two! You both need not be here all alone anymore. We'll all be together again! All of us in the same house, just like before."

Lily and Bill smiled and approvingly nodded, "This is amazing!"

Cherry then cleared her throat, she wanted to say something for a long time. Now was the time.

"Apart from the fact that all of us are now together, what makes me the happiest of all, is that Greg is now my son-in-law! Greg, you are going to be like a son to us and you can come visit us anytime. You don't have to wait or ask us. Whatever you need, we'll be here for you."

Greg was a little emotional after hearing Cherry's loving words. He had long yearned for maternal love and now, here it was. He smiled happily, his heart warmed by their welcome and love.

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