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   Chapter 939 A Sudden Proposal (Part One)

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"After all, they will all get married someday. Violet will probably live with the Xiao family so I can't count on her to keep me company," Jackson said.

"But you still have Lawrence. As our tradition, he and his wife will have to live with you when they settle down. So, you won't be living alone after all," Amy reminded Jackson.

"It is hard to say. We don't even know if he has a girlfriend. He spends most of his time managing the business rather than finding a suitable wife," Cherry sighed. She hadn't seen him go on dates for a while, but he's not getting any younger.

"You haven't told Selina that you're back, have you?" Derek asked, looking at Cherry with his eyebrows raised.

"Hmm, not yet. I planned to drop by the Wilson's tomorrow or perhaps the day after tomorrow. I might also visit my Mom and Uncle by the way," Cherry said. "I haven't seen them for years and God knows how much I miss them."

The four elders spent the whole afternoon catching up on their life events and other matters that had happened in the past years that Cherry and Jackson were abroad.

Meanwhile, Lawrence was in the study room on the second floor. But instead of dealing with his work, he was slouching at his desk and talking on the phone.

"So, how was your day?" Lawrence asked in a gentle voice.

"So far so good. I actually don't have much work to do today. I am about to come off work," Aria said. Her voice was sweet as always and it radiated from the other end of the line.

"I see. Just take care of yourself and don't stay up too late, understood?" Lawrence urged.

"So, you're not coming here tonight, are you?" Aria asked, trying to sound casual. Since Lawrence's parents were back, she knew that he would spend more time with them in their luxurious villa. After all, it had been a long time since their family last spent time together. But Aria was still hoping that Lawrence could come to her and stay for a night in their apartment. She didn't want to admit, but she missed him so badly and was dying to see her beloved man. Their apartment felt empty when Lawrence wasn't around.

After giving it a thought, Lawrence replied,"No, I'm afraid not. I need to stay

continued,"I disappointed you."

"So, what do you think of him, Cherry? Isn't Greg a wonderful child?" Amy asked Cherry with an approving smile, fascinated by the mother-and-son moment that Cherry and Greg were having.

Cherry nodded back at Amy with a pleased smile. She stared at Greg with admiration and hold onto his hand. "Of course, he is. I'm starting to think that he's better than my son," Cherry praised Greg, smiling back at him with pride.

Alice stole a glance over to Lawrence who was still engrossed in reading his newspaper to see if he would disagree. She then moved her eyes back to Cherry with a hesitant smile and said,"Aunt, I don't think we should talk about Lawrence like he is not here."

"Oh, please. Just ignore Lawrence. Anyway, he wouldn't dare to disagree," Violet declared in a bossy manner. She was just glad that Greg was on her mother's good side and she adored him so much. 'If Lawrence dares to complain, he'll get his ass kicked, ' she thought.

"Oh, Violet," Cherry sighed feebly, rolling her eyes to Violet. 'My sweet child, what's gotten into her?' Cherry wondered to herself.

"It must be wonderful to see your three children again. Isn't it, Cherry?" Amy said with a sincere smile.

"Of course, it is," Cherry said with a big smile on her face. "But I would be happier if Lawrence finally settles down."

When Greg heard this, he discreetly looked at Lawrence and saw the latter was looking back at him.

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