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   Chapter 938 A Family Reunion (Part Two)

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Violet asked, "Mother, you and father are at home now, right?" Violet was afraid that they might have gone to visit their friends. They had just come back and they certainly needed to meet their friends and to say hi to them. If they were not at home, then it would be pointless for Violet and Greg to go to their house as there would be nobody at home.

Cherry replied, "Yes, we are. Your Uncle Derek and Aunt Selina are also here. Where are you? Come back home as soon as you can, we are waiting."

Violet replied, "Okay, I know. I will come back with Greg. We will have dinner at home, right?"

Cherry was surprised, "Will Greg also come to meet us?" This made Cherry delighted and she continued, "That's great. Your father and I wanted to have dinner with your uncle and aunt tonight and later meet your Uncle Mond and Greg also. Since you are already with him you can come home as soon as possible. Our entire family could have dinner together. It's really wonderful."

Violet replied, "Fine. Let me confirm to you in a minute." Then she told her mother, "Well, mother, can you please tell Lawrence that he has to be a lamb and wait for me at home. I have something to ask him."

Cherry said, "My dear girl, I think you should be a little more polite to your brother. You left in your brother's car and did not inform him even, he was stuck at home because he had no car. As of now, he is working in the reading room."

Violet replied, "Okay, okay. Mother, I'll see you at home soon. Bye for now." Then she hung up.

She put her phone aside, then looked at Greg and said, "You hear that, right? My mother now knows that you're going to meet them. I think you should make preparations now?"

Greg said jokingly, "What do I prepare? Two gift boxes would be enough for

uddenly thought of Tim and suggested, "Well, I've come to know that Tim is also a good guy. Ask Alice to call him here and we can have dinner together."

Amy shook her head and declined, "Well, maybe next time."

Cherry was puzzled and asked, "What's going on, am I missing something?"

Amy replied, "Cherry, you know that Alice and Violet go crazy when they are together. They fear nobody and even Tim is familiar with Greg and Lawrence. If these young people come here tonight, I'm afraid that this villa would be in a mess. Maybe a few days later when everything settles down, you can come to my house and we could have dinner together. I'll call Tim and let him meet both of you."

Cherry and Jackson thought that Amy's words made sense.

So Cherry said, "Okay, as you say, we'll have dinner a few days later."

Amy smiled and said, "But our Violet is also naughty. The moment she came back, she went to see Greg. She totally forgot about coming and meeting us."

Derek said, "Your daughter Alice is also like this. After she got married, she now lives with Tim and barely comes home to have a meal with us." He was complaining about his daughter to Cherry and Jackson.

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