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   Chapter 937 A Family Reunion (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5417

Updated: 2019-04-14 00:37

Violet said, "It's already afternoon."

Greg lazily replied, "Yes, all right." He still tightly held Violet in his arms, he wanted to preserve her for his remaining life and not let her go anywhere. Quite a few days had passed, but he still felt that he was dreaming whenever he saw Violet was with him.

Violet tried to push Greg away and leave, saying, "Go away. I want to go to my home now."

But she could only move slightly, as Greg was holding her too tightly. Greg opened his eyes and asked her, "Where do you want to go? You are mine and I will never let you go. Answer my question first. Why did you suddenly decide to come back?"

Violet simply replied, "How does my decision relate to you? This is my life, I can take any decision and go and come to any place as per my will." Violet didn't want to be timid. Her attitude told Greg that this was none of his business.

But actually, she was also shocked that she was talking to him in this manner. She thought of the old days when she had always listened to what Greg would say and follow his commands too. Until now she had always maintained a relationship with Greg where she only had fun related talks with him. But now, things had changed. She was no longer the girl who was timid and wanted a peaceful life. She had changed and was in complete control of her life now.

Greg asked, "What if I don't allow you to leave?" Greg didn't expect that Violet would ever change. But he also believed that no matter how much she had changed, she would listen to him as before. He thought that maybe Violet had become like her brother Lawrence now, but he ha

were her parents suddenly back and how can him meet them now, unprepared?

Violet casually replied, "So, what did you think? How can my parents let me be back alone now? They have certainly come back with me. Or, they would be so worried about me staying in this city."

Greg fell back down, lay in the bed again on his back. Looking at the ceilings, he felt so dead, saying, "Oh my god. I think I am going to die. It's more miserable for me to go and meet your family than go to the courtroom."

For Greg, his parents-in-law had always been like a supreme power. If he needed to meet them, he would have to practice what to say and how to behave for a few days before the meeting. He even wanted to find some people to check whether there was any problem with the way he was talking and behaving. But this time, Violet wanted him to meet her parents without any preparation. So he was very worried about the outcome.

But Violet totally ignored his reaction, took her phone and made a call to her mother directly.

Cherry answered the call, "Hello, Violet, what's up?"

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