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   Chapter 936 Fights Back For Her Love (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6249

Updated: 2019-04-14 00:16

"Miss Melisa, I suggest that you leave this place as this is not where you should be," Alice said. Having noticed everything, she could tell what was going to happen next, so she herself left too.

"Alice, wait for me!" shouted Tim as he followed after her.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Greg pushed Violet into it. The first to the fifth floor of the hotel were restaurants and after that were the rooms for the guests. The room card that Tim had given Greg was for the Presidential Suite of the hotel.

"Greg, let go of me! You are hurting my hand," Violet continued protesting as she found it difficult to come out of his clutches.

For Greg, all his limits had been challenged. He pushed Violet towards the corner of the elevator, maintaining his hold so that she could not escape this time.

In a fierce tone, he asked, "Do you really think that I am going to give you another chance to run away from me? Do I look so stupid?" He stared at Violet furiously, but his feelings were going against the words he was saying. 'Do you even know how much I have missed you?' he said in his heart. He just wanted to ravish her immediately so as to make up for the time they had lost in this crazy fight of theirs.

"You just let go of me first! Let go..." Before she could even finish her words, Greg planted his lips on her.

The?fire?of?desire was burning in his heart and he could not wait any more. Now that he had touched her heart, he wanted to kiss and make her his life once again.

Just as he was kissing Violet passionately, the elevator door opened and Greg left her soft lips and pulled her out of the elevator.

The moment he opened the door with the room card, he did not waste a second and pushed her on the bed with his never- ending kisses continuing.

Her breath became heavy and Violet succumbed to the impact of Greg's kisses.

moan out of pleasure. And her moans turned Greg on. He wasted no time in undressing Violet- he slipped off her top and skirt and whispered in her ear, "I am going to eat you today!"

The afternoon sunshine shone into the room and both the lovers were lying in the bed.

Violet slowly opened her eyes and she could feel Greg's body on hers. In a daze, she pushed him but failed. She then smelled his familiar scent.

Unconsciously, Violet muttered, "Greg, I am not feeling good."

Hearing her, Greg immediately woke up and asked her with concern, "What's up?"

"You are pressing me, I am getting hurt," Violet said.

Greg then realized that he had almost pressed half of his body on Violet's. He hastily moved aside a little bit, but still locked her waist with his hands.

Violet rubbed her eyes and asked, "What time is it now?"

"I don't know, either," Greg replied. Still, with his eyes closed, he wanted to spend some more time with this woman. It was really a beautiful thing to make love to her and the feeling was mutual.

"Have a look, where is your wristwatch?" Violet said as she pushed Greg's arms.

Greg helplessly lifted his arm.

Violet took a look at the time on the watch and found it was already 4:20 p.m.

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