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   Chapter 935 Fights Back For Her Love (Part One)

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Melisa was feeling quite embarrassed with Violet's continuous gaze on her. However, she decided to maintain decent and not to retaliate back. In a kind tone, she asked Violet, "Hello, it's very nice to meet you! May I ask if you know me as I do not recollect meeting you before?"

"You don't? But I know you well. You are Melisa Ouyang, aren't you?" said Violet sarcastically, and maintained the impenetrable gaze on her.

Surprised, Melisa couldn't help but look at the woman ardently. "How do you know me, please tell?"

"Ah-hem, how is it possible that I would not know you after all you are so close to Greg?" Violet retorted in reply her seething anger displayed in front of everyone.

Seeing Violet in such an aggressive mood, Greg couldn't believe his eyes. 'Is this the same weak and timid woman whom I loved and who always remained docile in front of me?' Greg asked himself. Since he hadn't seen her for a long time, it looked as if she had completely changed in the last few years. She now looked overbearing and pretty strong-willed.

Tim's eyes widened in?surprise?to see?Violet?in front of him. 'Is she really the same Violet?' he wondered too. She was so stylish now and she had even changed the way she spoke to others. It seemed that he was seeing her in a different light now.

Melisa was very confused at the onslaught. Stunned, she turned to look towards Greg and found that he was looking at that woman with all the love. She suddenly felt distressed and frustrated as in the past one year of them being together she had never seen Greg looking at any other woman with so much passion in his eyes.

She then turned her perplexed eyes towards Violet again and asked, "Do you know Greg, how do you know him? Are you Geg's...?"

"First you tell me clearly, what's your relationship with Greg?" Before Melisa could finish her sentence, Violet interrupted her and asked.

Tim and Alice exchanged glance

. She was afraid that if she looked towards him, she would be lost in the depth of his eyes and then her resolve would weaken. By acknowledging him, she could not justify how she was going to behave.

But Violet was very clear in her heart that she must defend and fight for her own rights. Greg was her beloved husband, her everything and she would never allow anyone else to make him theirs.

"Tim," Greg called Tim after some time had passed.

"Yes?" Tim replied immediately. When he noticed that Greg was still staring at Violet, he understood what he wanted to say.

He then stood up and went away.

Just when everyone was trying to understand what he was trying to do, he came back with a room card in his hand. He walked towards Greg and handed the card to him.

Without saying a word, Greg stood up and strode towards Violet, pulled her arm and ordered her, "Follow me!"

Before Violet could even react, he pulled her away from there.

"Let go of me! Hey, where are you taking me?" Violet resisted. But she was too weak to get rid of his tight grip. And Greg did not want to give her any chance to escape from him again!

Melisa's jaw dropped when she saw Greg leave with Violet. She stamped her feet with anger and muttered, "Why did it have to be like this?"

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