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   Chapter 934 Meet Greg (Part Two)

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Aware of what was on his mother's mind, Lawrence remained silent.

While Jackson was still puzzled by the what was going on, Cherry pulled him by the arm and led him to the dining room.

The sleek sports car roared on the road as Violet in driver's seat stepped on the gas. The impeccable mechanics of her brother's latest car was a sheer thrill maneuvering. Now she was curious to catch Greg off guard in a compromising situation with another woman. If she found that he was serious with his new relationship, she might consider calling it quits on their marriage.

Alice's car followed behind Violet's. Even though she had driven at the full speed, she couldn't catch up with Violet. 'What a fantastic car Lawrence has. It makes mine feel so unbelievably slow even with the gas floored, ' she admitted to herself.

Abruptly, Violet stepped the brake and stopped the car in front of New Era Hotel.

A parking attendant recognized Lawrence's car immediately. After all, whoelse in the city would own such a fancy sports car, apart from Lawrence. Quickly, he jogged to the car but saw a pretty girl getting out instead of Lawrence. "Hello, Miss," he greeted politely, standing beside the car door.

With a sullen face, Violet answered back and thrust the car key into his palm so that he could help park. She then went directly into the hotel lobby.

Soon after, Alice arrived at the hotel and parked with the help of another parking assistant. Gratefully, she handed over her car key and thanked him before rushing into the hotel.

The moment Violet went inside, she headed straight to a waitress. She said, "Kindly, take me to room number 6 on the third floor."

"Okay, please follow me," the waitress responded courteously.

In the corner of the third floor, Greg sat next to Melisa, with Tim on their opposit

, Melisa surveyed Violet up and down. 'She is dressed in high-end designer clothes. Looks like she is a high-born lady. But she doesn't emanate an arrogant aura. She looks easygoing, ' she judged inside.

"You, you..." Tim stammered. He was too shocked to utter another word.

"Shut up!" Violet snapped at him, while keeping her gaze on Melisa.

From the moment Greg saw his wife, he had not taken his eyes off her. The amazed expression on his face had gradually turned into the calm one, but he still remained awestruck.

At long last, Alice caught up with Violet and strode to her side, but since no one at the table said a word, she quietly joined them, tagging Violet along even as she tried to assess what was going on.

Calmly, Violet pulled a stool and took a seat next to Tim.

By a wave of his hand, Tim signaled a waitress to come over to their table. "Add another stool and another set of plates," he said.

"Okay," the waitress replied.

Keeping a watchful eye, Alice sat down beside Violet. For a moment, she wanted to say something to her best friend. But when she found the latter fixed her eyes on Melisa and Greg focused his gaze on his wife, she stopped and didn't know what to do.

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