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   Chapter 933 Meet Greg (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-13 04:06

Soon the Jackson's family reached their villa. When Cherry got out of the car, she saw Lily coming her way.

"You're back, Mrs. Cherry," Lily gushed, smiling ear to ear.

"I miss you too, Lily," Cherry replied. She stretched out, stepped forward and gave the old maid a tight hug.

With a restful look, Cherry leaned her head on Lily's shoulder. She felt like she had traveled to the past when she had lived with the old maid.

"Welcome home," Lily cooed in a motherly tone.

After Cherry let go of the embrace, she watched her intently. 'She got more wrinkles than I last saw her, ' she remarked.

"Thank you for your devotion to our family in the past years, Lily," Cherry said with a guilty air. She felt sorry to have left her alone at home for so many years.

"Mrs. Cherry, please don't say that. I should thank you and Mr. Jackson. You gave me a place to live. I've really enjoyed every day that I spent in the house. I am satisfied with such a life," Lily spoke. As she expressed her gratitude, she held onto Cherry's hand and was reluctant to let her go.

"Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cherry, Violet, welcome home," Bill broke in gladly.

"Bill, now that we're back, you will get busy," Violet grinned.

"I'm glad to work for you. Just let me know if I can be of any help and I'll be available at your service. I'll try my best," Bill replied confidently, patting his chest.

Everyone burst into laughter in the yard.

"Let's get inside. The lunch is ready," Lily cut in, bringing their bout of laughter to an end, as they all headed towards the house.

Once inside the house, Cherry surveyed the place, beginning from the at the living room and then the dining room. 'So many years have passed, but there is no change in this house, ' she thought, secured

eg," she speculated with some level of certainty.

"Where is she going?" Jackson asked, focusing his gaze on Alice.

"Well, Uncle," Alice uttered with a hesitant expression. As she turned to run into Lawrence's sharp gaze, she told the truth. "Here is the thing. Greg treated me and Tim to lunch and he also invited Melisa Ouyang. Tim called and filled me in. But Violet heard our dialogue. So she..." a sudden stammer interrupted her otherwise frank explanation.

Lawrence finally understood what was going on. "I was wondering why she got so angry. Looks like she got jealous. It turns out that she only cares about Greg, ' he thought.

"Follow her. Don't let her do anything stupid," Lawrence said to Alice.

"I see. Don't worry. I will keep an eye on her," Alice agreed meekly before rushing out of the house.

As soon as Alice was out of the door, Jackson shifted his gaze to his son. "Who is Melisa Ouyang?" he asked, looking confused.

Before Lawrence could say a word, his mother broke in.

"Come on, Jackson. Violet is not a kid anymore. She could handle her own matters. Just let her be. Besides, Alice is with her. Nothing will happen to her," Cherry said.

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