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   Chapter 932 The True Desire In Hearts (Part Two)

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"Who is Melisa?" Violet suddenly asked. Alice then knew that Violet heard everything. Since it was Greg's treat, it's typical that he'd invite Alice and Tim. 'But who's that Melisa?' Violet asked herself. She couldn't recall any of Greg's friends with the name Melisa. 'Or it could be a new friend?' Violet thought to herself. But Greg wasn't the type to easily acquaint himself with any woman.

Alice was sensing what was going through Violet's mind and wanted to say something, but she hesitated because Cherry was there.

Seeing the hesitation in Alice's face, Cherry then said firmly, "Alice, go ahead and tell us. I also want to know who this Melisa is." She looked at Violet and pitied her daughter for what was happening. She then continued, "As a mother, I want to protect my children."

"No, Godmother," Alice finally said. "Melisa is the daughter of the Finance Director and she had accompanied Greg in business events for the past two years when Violet wasn't around. Since then, they've become good friends. I can vouch that Greg is faithful to Violet. Lawrence can also prove that because he was also present in those parties."

Violet didn't say a word even after hearing what Alice said. She kept staring out of the car window.

Cherry also remained silent. She was aware that in upper class' social engagements, a man must be accompanied by a woman. But Violet wasn't there for Greg on those occasions, so he needed someone to fill that role. At first, she was suspicious of that woman, but since Lawrence knew her Cherry was convinced that it was just a professional relationship and nothing more. Otherwise, Lawrence wouldn't allow Greg to be with Melisa on those gatherings.

As they were driving around the city, Jackson couldn't help but be amazed by how the city had changed. What used to be an average city turned out to be the busiest in this country. He could see tall building wherever he turned, cars in different colors, and foreigners enjoying the city where he grew up in. He couldn't help but say, "The city had changed a lot since the last time I've been here."

"What can

et as important as his life. His love for her even exceeded his love for Aria.

"Oh," Jackson nodded.

"Dad, I know that both you and Mom are concerned about Violet, but you have to talk to her about this. I know that she still loves Greg so much, but she's been hurt and needs time to heal. She's not as strong as she wants us to see," Lawrence persuaded his father.

"I know," Jackson sighed. Lawrence was right. He and Cherry had been putting this issue behind for the sake of Violet. But it's already been too long, and Violet needed to face Greg and fix the matter between them. "After lunch, call your Uncle Derek and Godmother and invite them to dinner at our place tonight."

Lawrence's face lit up. He's glad that his father was taking matters into his hands. "Got it, Dad. What about Uncle Wilson and Uncle Mond?" Lawrence asked. He considered that since his parents were back, it was just customary that they invited the whole family for dinner.

"For your Uncle Wilson, it's better to ask your mother. Anyway, we need to visit your grandparents soon." Jackson said. "And as for your Uncle Mond, let's schedule the dinner some other day. Besides, I'd like to invite Fred, as well."

"Okay," Lawrence politely said. He was just glad that his family was back in the country again. He could see some silver linings now that his father decided to finally help with some matters at hand.

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