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   Chapter 931 The True Desire In Hearts (Part One)

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Alice couldn't hide her excitement driving for her swornmother and Violet to lunch. While driving, she started sharing with them the things that had happened around the city while they were abroad to help them catch up.

"Aunt Cherry, I couldn't tell you enough how my Mom missed you when you're abroad. Now that you're finally back, you two can spend time together to catch up," Alice said with a smile on her face, glancing at Cherry through the rear view mirror.

"Oh, I missed her too," Cherry said and smiled back to Alice. She was sitting at the back of the car with her daughter and enjoying a nice view of the city. "Every time we talked over the phone, I wished we were sitting together enjoying an afternoon tea and chatting face to face." A smile was still on Cherry's face as she was recalling fun times with her friend when their children were young. She continued, "I could still remember when you girls were little, and we used to take you to school every day."

Violet smirked at her mother and said, "Mom, how could you ever forget? We're like an extended family. You're Alice's godmother and her mother's my godmother." Violet was quite pleased to see her mother this happy for a long time since they stayed abroad. She looked at her mother and continued, "And I loved hanging out in Alice's house because Uncle Derek and Godmother made me feel at home."

Speaking about their childhood, Alice and Violet started recalling how fun those days were. "That's right! I loved when we would go to school together and do homework after school at our house," Alice said while laughing in between. "And the times when we bullied Lawrence."

Alice and Violet started laughing hysterically. Violet then added, "Oh, yeah! Back then, Lawrence was so young that he would always follow what we said without complaint and wouldn't answer back even if we bully him. But look at him now, he won't even listen to us anymore."

"That's not true!" Alice said, smiling back at Violet from the rea

what Alice and Tim were talking about, she knew it had something to do with Greg because Alice couldn't tell Tim exactly where she was and what her plans were for that day.

"Alice? Are you still there?" Tim called when he didn't get a response from Alice after a few moments.

"Oh, is that so? Then send me the time and the address. I'll try to join you as soon as my appointment is done," Alice replied. She had to make something up so that Tim wouldn't suspect. If he knew something was off and found out about Violet, he would certainly tell Greg.

"Sure. And please make time to join us. Melisa will be there, so it'll be the four of us," Tim confirmed to Alice.

Alice immediately replied, "Just send me the address. I'm driving so I can't talk right now. I need to hang up."

Without waiting for Tim's response, Alice ended the call. She's afraid that Violet and Cherry heard the name Melisa when Tim mentioned it and might get the situation wrong.

"Alice, don't mind us. Go and attend your business meeting. You can just drive us back home and we'll be fine," Cherry reassured Alice.

"Don't worry, Godmother. It's nothing important. Tim just likes to call and check on me from time to time. Besides, if there is nothing to do in the studio, then I'm free to do whatever I like with my time," Alice replied.

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