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   Chapter 929 Welcome Home (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5686

Updated: 2019-04-12 00:31

Aria was shocked and her frozen face clearly showed it.

Her heart began to ache and she knew she was about to lose the most precious part of her life. Lawrence was going to leave her.

Lawrence noticed Aria's face change happy to shocked to sad and he caressed her cheek to comfort her.

"I have to stay at the family home starting tomorrow. You need to take good care of yourself, okay?" Lawrence told Aria. His heart ached. He had been with Aria for such a long time now and he was used to inhaling her scent every day. He didn't want to leave her. Oh, if he could only be with her every day and night. But he couldn't make any empty promises to comfort her or she would just get her heart broken if he did.

"Will you come by to see me?" Sadness was painted all over Aria's face as she asked Lawrence that heartbreaking question, hoping he'd say yes. Or would he be out of her life from now on? she asked herself, even though she didn't want to think about that. 'Will our love just disappear and turn to ash?' she cried to herself.

"I will still come to see you because I will miss you," Lawrence promised. He looked again at this innocent and fragile woman in his arms, with eyes full of love.

"Lawrence, I can't bear to live without you!" Aria cried out to him as she hugged him closer and tighter. She had learned to depend on Lawrence for a long time now, since they had been together, and she was used to being with him always. And now, he was going to leave with an empty, sorrowful heart.

"I can't live without you, either," Lawrence echoed. He pressed his lips against hers and let Aria down in a passionate kiss.

Lawrence pressed his lips against Aria's and poured all h

lready arrived. Where are they? Why haven't they come out yet?" Alice said. She paced back and forth with her eye at the crowd coming out of the exit.

"Alice, it's okay, relax. Flights get delayed sometimes, you know," Lawrence did his best to calm Alice down. She was just too anxious to see her best friend. She really missed her and couldn't wait to be with her again.

"It's been so long since I've seen Violet. Where is she?" Alice asked.

"Dad, mom, do you think Lawrence and Alice are out there waiting for us?" Violet wondered out loud, her left hand on her father's arm and her right hand on her mother's arm.

Jackson smiled at Violet while he pushed the luggage cart. "I'm not sure about Lawrence because you know he's very busy with work," Jackson responded. "But I'm 100% sure Alice will be outside, after all, she's the first person you want to see when you get back, right?"

"Thank you, Daddy!" Violet beamed, a big smile plastered on her face. She wanted to see Alice so much. But there was another person she wanted to see, too. But he wasn't coming because he didn't know Violet was coming back today.

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