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   Chapter 926 Family Will Return (Part Two)

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Cherry felt bad for her son. She sighed and replied, "No, don't worry. I don't think we will leave again. Our home is there and that's where we'll stay. Your father has already handled all international affairs of the JC Group. After everything goes well, he will transfer his power to you. Then we will both retire." As she said this, she was worried for her son. She knew how stressful this was all going to be for him. But at the same time, she knew that Lawrence was ready. She knew that her son was capable enough to handle the things that will be handed down to him. Besides, something could only be decided by her son.

Lawrence closed his eyes and took a deep breath, promising, "Okay, mother. You and father should just stay at home and enjoy your lives. I will handle our company, I will make sure to continue all that you and father worked hard for."

"Wow! Very confident," Cherry laughed as she lightened the mood.

This made Lawrence smile more. He pictured his mother smiling and laughing and it made him look forward to seeing her again.

Cherry then proudly said, "My baby, my son. Lawrence, don't worry. I'll be with you from now on. We won't be apart anymore. We're family and we will always be together."

"Yes, mother. I agree. We won't be apart anymore." Lawrence's voice broke as he continued, "I can't wait to see you, father, and Violet again."

They finished off their conversation with a good bye. Lawrence looked outside and felt relaxed and contented. He could not help but smile. His family had always made him feel safe. They had always given him the support that no one else could provide. He longingly reminisced his memories with them.

His memories of his childhood was not all clear. But he vividly remembered the time when he was just five years old and he was living abroad with his mother. His mother had always been strong and independent. She raised him on her own, refusing the help of her own parents. She was the most hard working woman he knew. His uncle often accompanied them, acting just like his father. Back then, Lawrence had hoped that his uncle could truly be his father. But he never mentioned that to his mother, because he did not want to annoy her. He also did not want to force her to do anything she did not want to. To he

asked, "What happened? Why the sudden change? You don't look as terrible as you were earlier. You has been so sad and angry. I guess that phone call changed your mood?" Mike badgered on, "Come on, tell us. Was that Aria? Was she the one who called you? So will she be going here?"

Lawrence had no plans of explaining what happened. He just looked straight ahead as he drank from his glass.

Greg decided to implore some more, "Look, Lawrence, you don't have to be angry because of Aria. I assure you that she will eventually come to you. She won't last a week without seeing you. We all know how much she loves you."

Mike looked at Greg and nodded, "Yes, he's right. Aria's obviously yearning for you. How could she possibly decide to leave you?"

They were taking turns as they tried to persuade Lawrence. Greg was nodding as he added, "Just look at it this way, Aria's angry with you because of your affair with Anna. Why would she be angry if she's not jealous, right? So it's evident that she cares for you very much."

Again, Mike quickly nodded in agreement, "Yes, that's correct. I mean it makes sense, Lawrence. You're right, Greg. Quick thinking, huh."

Greg looked at Mike and smiled, "You know I think I've learned a lot from you. I hope I could still learn more."

Lawrence rolled his eyes and wanted to kick them both out. He could not bare to hear them flattering each other. He noticed Greg's smile. Suddenly, he hesitated. He wondered whether he should tell Greg that Violet would be back soon.

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