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   Chapter 925 Family Will Return (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6641

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The director of the Human Resource Department would never dare say no. So he simply nodded his head as he replied, "Yes, Mr. Lawrence."

Ivy heard them talking. She stayed and watched as the two directors walked towards the sofa inside the drawing room. They were obviously ready to have a meeting with Lawrence, but she was rooted to the spot.

Lawrence looked at her with contempt. He asked, "What? What do you want? Are you planning to stay here and listen to our meeting?"

Lawrence's voice brought Ivy back to her senses. Startled, she stood up and looked at Lawrence. She mumbled a quick apology and briskly stepped out of his office.

After his meeting with the two directors, Lawrence walked out of his office and left for a pub.

He went directly to his car and left the premises. While Lawrence was driving, he called Mike. When Mike answered, Lawrence immediately asked his friend, "If you have nothing important to do, come with me to the bar now."

Used to Lawrence's abrupt calls, Mike instantly replied, "Sure, I'll go to the bar with you. I don't turn down free drinks, especially from you. I'll be there in a while."

Lawrence hung up and drove faster as he channeled his rage in to his car.

After he reached the bar, he parked his car and walked towards the entrance. Inside, he chose to sit in the corner, away from the crowd. He started drinking.

After drinking alone for almost half an hour, Lawrence saw Mike arrive. The latter entered the bar and scanned the people around to look for his friend. He spotted Lawrence in the corner and without a second thought, he directly walked to where Lawrence was sitting.

"Hey," Mike greeted. "Look, I know you're obviously annoyed because of Aria." Without asking, Mike immediately knew why Lawrence wanted to go to a bar and why he started drinking alone. He knew how upset Lawrence was. As Mike sat in front of his friend, he continued, "Greg, your brother-in-law, will arrive any minute now. He seems t

what he was hearing. He bolted up and was pacing along the balcony.

Cherry could hear how her son took the news and it made her more excited to go back. "Yes, we are. Your father made the decision. Violet is very happy, too. She's packing her bags right now."

Lawrence longingly asked, "What time is your flight? I'll be there. I'll pick you guys up." He could not stay still. Lawrence was very anxious and excited at the same time. He wanted to go to the airport already. He wanted to wait for his family there.

Cherry replied, "It's at eleven o'clock in the morning." After a beat, she quickly added, "By the way, don't tell your aunt and uncle. I don't want them to wait for us at the airport. You know I don't like to bother people and I don't want our return to be very public. When we get home, we can visit your grandparents together with your aunt and uncle."

Lawrence understood what Cherry was trying to say, he knew his mother better than anyone else. He agreed, "I know, don't worry. I won't tell them."

"But I think Violet might have already told Alice," Cherry added after a thought, "Maybe you can go with Alice and meet us at the airport together."

"Okay, got it." Lawrence was too eager to think of anything else, but he could not help but ask, "Mother, will you leave again after this?"

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