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   Chapter 924 Leaving The JC Group (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-11 00:52

She took several steps backwards and stopped. She stood there motionlessly as she stared at the back of his head. For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

After hesitating for a long time, she finally mustered some courage. She sprinted back to Lawrence and stood in front of him. She held his arm and said, "Mr. Lawrence, you know that I have been admiring you and I really want to stay by your side. From the time that you hired me, I have already fallen in love with you. That's why I worked hard to improve myself. I want to be an excellent woman so I will deserve you."

This time, Lawrence met Ivy's eyes then he slowly asked, "Do you know why I hired you to be my assistant?"

"W... Why?" Ivy stammered. She already looked very nervous. She believed that Lawrence offered her a job to be his assistant because he had a crush on her. She was just so naive at first that she didn't see through his purpose. She even didn't know about love then. Only later that she figured it out. That was why she did everything she could to get closer to him and win his trust.

"Because of your friend, Rebecca Lin," Lawrence replied with gritted teeth. He stared at Ivy with his sharp eyes. He didn't intend to mention that name again for the rest of his life but Ivy provoked him. Since she misunderstood that he had a thing for her, he must tell her now the real reason why he hired her.

"Rebecca?" Ivy mumbled. Her eyes bulged in bewilderment. It occurred to her once that Rebecca might have something to do with her employment in the JC Group but she later on ruled out this possibility with some other reasons. Now, she heard it directly from her boss. She was really thunderstruck. She knew Lawrence wouldn't lie to her.

"Yeah, it's her," Lawrence confirmed. "I know that you take care of her mother every day now.

company." Once she left the JC Group, all of her efforts would be in vain. She was scared at the thought of it.

Meanwhile, someone knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Lawrence shouted.

As soon as the door opened, the HR Department director and the finance director froze. They only came to give their report to Lawrence but they did not expect to see such a scene. Lawrence was standing by the French window while Ivy collapsed on the floor. Their mouth agape in incredulity.

They exchanged bewildered glances and they looked hesitant. Although they had prepared their reports in advance, the embarrassing and odd atmosphere in the room gave them a mental block. So, what they did was only stood still silently.

"What's up?" Lawrence asked with a livid face. "Oh, yeah..." the finance director responded. He was the first one to somehow recover from shock.

"We came here to discuss with you the financial status of our company and the personnel transfer," he added.

However, Lawrence didn't pay heed to the finance director's words. Instead, he looked at the HR Department director and said, "Come in. I want to have a meeting with you. After that, you must deal with Ivy's resignation procedures."

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