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   Chapter 923 Leaving The JC Group (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-11 00:52

Lawrence arrived at the JC Group and headed straight for his office. Since Aria had been occupying his mind, he could not focus on his work.

Ivy immediately entered Lawrence's office with a cup of coffee. When she noticed that he was staring blankly ahead, she knew that he was contemplating.

She put the coffee mug on his desk lightly to avoid creating a sound as she didn't want to disturb him. Then she turned around and was about to take her leave.

"Wait!" Lawrence abruptly stopped her.

Ivy stopped and turned to look at Lawrence. "What can I do for you, Mr. Lawrence?" she asked politely.

"Why do you think Aria suddenly treat me like this?" Lawrence asked with a confused expression. Then he looked out of the window. He really didn't know what to do with Aria.

After reflecting quickly, Ivy could roughly figure out what was troubling her boss. She focused her gaze on Lawrence and gingerly asked, "Did Miss Aria get mad at you?"

"Umm," Lawrence nodded.

Ivy sidled up to Lawrence and stood beside him. She put on a fake frown and guessed, "She might have heard about what happened at the party, and that's why she got angry."

Lawrence didn't respond. He was certain that Aria didn't know that he met Anna at the party. He knew that she only got annoyed and even tried to leave him because of that lunch with Anna.

Ivy fixed her eyes on Lawrence's side profile. She would never get sick of looking at his handsome face. Only in some special situations could she get the chance to be close to her boss and such opportunities were rare so she wanted to take advantage of it. As she watched his scowling face, an

brought it up. Now that she was confessing her feelings for him, neither of them dodged the topic as well.

"I can quit my job immediately. As long as I can stay close to you and be your woman, I am willing to hand in my resignation and leave the JC Group," Ivy replied instantly. She thought there was no need for her to go to work once she became Lawrence's woman.

"What are you going to do after quitting your job? How are you going to support yourself?" Lawrence asked on purpose. He would like to know more of her thoughts. "Once we get together, I don't need to work to support myself. I have you and I know you will keep me," Ivy answered coquettishly.

"Get out of here!" Lawrence yelled out before Ivy could get nearer him.

Ivy's expression froze the moment she heard Lawrence's angry voice.

She fell silent. She couldn't understand what was going on.

"Do I need to repeat myself twice?" Lawrence asked menacingly. Fury was already gleaming in his eyes.

Ivy knew Lawrence's temper very well so she reluctantly withdrew her hands around his neck and stood straight.

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