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   Chapter 922 An Indifferent Lover (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-11 00:52

He went to the reception area to give Lawrence time to finish his work. He went to look out the window and was treated to a marvelous view of the city. The building was situated at the center of the city and you could see the whole city from this height. It was indeed a relaxing view.

Ten minutes later, Mike saw Ivy leave the room, so he went to see how his friend was doing.

"Are you done?" asked Mike.

"Yes," replied Lawrence, as he tidied up his desk.

"Then let's go. We must not make Anna wait for too long. If she gets angry, she might not treat us to lunch anymore," Mike said, gesturing Lawrence to hurry up.

Without saying a word, Lawrence stood up and walked out of his office.

When Ivy saw Mike and Lawrence hop in the elevator, she clenched her teeth and spitefully murmured to herself, "Anna Dou, let's wait and see!"

Lawrence and Mike finally arrived at the restaurant. As they entered, they noticed that Anna was already there waiting for them, so they hurriedly approached her.

"Hey, Lawrence, there you are!" Anna happily said as she stood up. A big smile crossed her beautiful, pinkish face. But Lawrence said nothing.

"Hey, Anna. I'm fine, thank you for asking," Mike sarcastically said as he realized that Anna didn't notice him. He sat beside her and continued to grumble, "Well, I hope you did not forget that you also invited me here."

Anna laughed sweetly and then said jokingly, "There's no way I could miss such a handsome and decent prince, is there?" She tapped Mike's shoulder and continued, "I actually wanted to apologize to you because I didn't say anything to you at the party that evening."

"Oh, forget about it. I didn't mind at all," Mike replied, pertaining to that evening that Anna was talking about. Mike crossed his legs and leaned on the chair comfortably while saying, "I'm just wondering. Why didn't you let us know that you're coming back?"

"I want to surprise you both," Anna replied, smiling at Mike.

"Huh? Surprise us both?" Mike asked sarcastically. "Maybe you mean you wanted to surprise Lawrence. I know that Lawrence meant more to you, am I right?" Mike bantered. They knew each other back since kindergarten. When they were younger, Mike could only keep these things to himself, but now that they're older, he could now say whatever he wanted.

Anna just smiled and didn't say a word. She picked up her handbag and brought out tw

to her.

"If so, I need to hang up now. I have other important things to do," Aria said and hung up.

Lawrence was about to say something when he heard a lot of "beeps" from the other line. He got distressed and thought to himself, 'So she really did hang up. What just happened?' He was confused. He had no idea what just happened and why Aria was acting that way. He had never imagined that their relationship would hit this rock as if they were strangers. No, even worse than strangers.

Meanwhile, Aria was sitting in the corner of her office's coffee area, holding a cup of tea while staring outside the window. Her hands were shaking, her head down, and tears started to fall down her cheeks. She quickly dried them up, afraid that someone might see her crying and gossip about it.

'Lawrence, I don't know if I can face you anymore. I don't know if I can look into your eyes and not cry. I don't know how you are feeling anymore. Are you still in love with me? Do you still care for me? Is there something I did that made you change your mind? Am I still be the only one in your heart?'

These were all the questions Aria had on her mind. Her sight started to blur as tears filled up her eyes. She sobbed quietly and alone. She's feeling very weak now, physically and emotionally. She was longing for Lawrence, but it made her cry even more. She wanted to hear his voice, but that call made her sad because she was thinking that Lawrence was just doing it out of obligation and not of love. And finally, Aria was overcome by her emotions. She cried her heart out in the corner of the coffee area.

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