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   Chapter 921 An Indifferent Lover (Part One)

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"Aunt Selina," Lawrence called. "I have my concerns."

"Oh, do you mean Aria?" she suddenly blurted out. She could sense what was bothering Lawrence at that moment as if she could read his mind. As his Aunt, she had been turning a blind eye on Lawrence's relationship with Aria and had always respected her nephew's choice for a girlfriend. She may be old, but she understood that people have the right to choose who they date. But marriage was a different thing. And when it came to the topic of Lawrence settling down with Aria, Selina had always offered her unsolicited advice whether Aria deserved to be a part of the Chu family.

Lawrence nodded but didn't say a word. He tried to avoid Selina's gaze by looking outside the window. He didn't want to look into her eyes, afraid that she could read his mind.

Selina sighed and said, "I believe Aria is an exceptional woman. She's simple, kind, smart, and without any bad intentions. She's pretty, too. But, there's no denying that her family, you know." Selina didn't finish what she was about to say.

"I understand, Aunt Selina," Lawrence sighed. He also believed that Aria was an exceptional woman and would be the best wife for him, but being a part of the Chu family, there was more to marrying than being just in love. "Do you think Mom and Dad would approve of her?" He looked at his Aunt Selina's eyes with a hopeful look on his face. He was silently praying to get her to side with him on this matter. Lawrence always knew that there were only two people in the world who could understand his feelings and read his thoughts: his mom and Aunt Selina.

Selina let out another sigh, crossed her legs and rested her hands on her lap. She finally said, "You know very well that your father is a principled man and his approval doesn't come easy. As for your mother, I've known her to be very understanding and loving, so if you will tell her how much you love Aria, she would understand."

Selina was suddenly struck with an idea. She smiled at Lawrence and said, "How about you take the initiative of telling your parents about your relationship with Aria? That way we can see what they think about her. What do you think?"

"I would like to, but I'm afraid that Dad will get mad," Lawrence replied with a worried expression on his face. He had the same ide

woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I love her so much." Lawrence became more certain of his feelings from that moment.

Selina was glad to ease Lawrence's burden somehow. She patted his shoulders and gave him an encouraging smile, saying, "That's my boy! Just follow your heart and you'll be perfectly fine. I'm sure you can solve any problem you encounter along the way. I trust and believe in you, my sweet child."

"I will and thank you," Lawrence said confidently. Selina's encouragement lifted his spirit and he was now certain what he needed to do to get his parent's blessing to marry Aria.

Lawrence went back to his work as soon as Selina closed the door behind her. He had never felt this motivated before. He always felt good whenever he talked about his worries to Selina.

Lawrence had just read over the last contract when he glanced over the clock on his table and saw that it was already 11:00 a.m. 'Wow, time really flies when you're having fun. I needed to finish this now," he thought to himself. He signed the contract and put everything in a box for filing. He was about to leave his office when Mike stormed in.

"Hey! You're still working, Mr. Lawrence? Mike quipped him as he walked towards Lawrence.

"Hey, Mike. No, I'm almost done," Lawrence replied as he handed over the box to Ivy.

Mike stared at Ivy as she collected the box of documents from Lawrence and wondered what she would do if she got fired from the company one day. 'Will she take revenge on that person?' he wondered to himself.

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