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   Chapter 920 The Love Feeling Between You Two (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-11 00:06

"Sir, Mrs. Selina from the H King Group is waiting for you. She's in your office right now," Ivy blurted out. That's exactly the reason why Ivy waited for him by the elevators. She didn't want to be alone with Selina in the office, in case she asked her questions. Selina was a smart woman and she was going to see through the lies if she asked Ivy any questions. So she decided it was best to just stay away from her as much as she could.

"Why is Aunt Selina here so early in the morning?" Lawrence asked with confusion in his face. He arrived one hour later than his staff today so he was still early. But Aunt Selina came in even earlier. Something must be wrong.

Ivy shook her head as she followed Lawrence into the president's exclusive elevator.

Lawrence stepped out of the elevator as soon as the doors opened to his office on the top of floor of the JC Building. His door was already wide open and he could see a familiar silhouette by the window.

"Aunt Selina," Lawrence greeted as he entered the office.

Selina turned around at the sound of Lawrence's voice. "Hello, Lawrence," Selina greeted him. Lawrence approached Selina and kissed on the cheek. "Tell me, Lawrence," Selina asked. "Do you always arrive late to work?"

"Just once in a while," Lawrence defended himself. He would have arrived earlier but Aria's angry outburst put him in a bad mood.

Lawrence pulled up a chair for Selina to sit down before he took his chair at his desk.

Selina faced Lawrence when she asked, "What have you been keeping yourself busy with lately, Lawrence?"

"Nothing much, Aunt Selina," Lawrence answered. He tried his best to not look directly at Selina's eyes to avoid more questioning. It seemed like Selina was here to ask him a lot of questions.

"Are you sure about that?" Selina pushed. "I've heard different otherwise."


be a love relationship between you two?"

Selina asked, with a serious look on her face. She wanted to know the truth from Lawrence.

"What will you do if there is such a kind of relationship between us?" Lawrence asked. He wanted to know what Selina had in mind first. He knew what Selina thought was what her parents also thought.

"We will be thrilled, of course. Anna fits all the standards to be your wife. And even though your parents are in Hong Kong, there's no need to worry. Your Uncle Wilson and I can arrange the wedding for you if you want to get married to Anna," Selina replied. Anna really was the suitable partner for Lawrence since she studied business abroad and was even known as a legendary queen of finance.

"What if I don't love her, Aunt Selina?" Lawrence asked this time.

"If you didn't love her, why did you buy that expensive necklace for her? And why did you hug her in front of all those people? Tell me, Lawrence. Were you in love with her years ago?" Selina interrogated Lawrence. She didn't believe that love did not exist between Lawrence and Anna. What Lawrence did at the charity auction and Anna's approval of their intimate actions in public proved they still had feelings for each other.

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