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   Chapter 917 Lawrence Would Marry Someone Else (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-10 01:03

Aria sat there still, her eyes welled up with tears. 'The woman who had appeared out of nowhere had turned out to be Lawrence's ex. Or maybe she is the love of his life, ' she thought, feeling her heart breaking into many pieces.

"Are you alright, Aria?" Charlotte asked with concern, as she took a seat beside her heart-broken friend. She could easily see that Aria was tensed over something.

"I'm good. Let's start to eat and then I will take you home. I am sorry, I can't go shopping with you in the afternoon. I need to move out," Aria replied, trying her best to control her pain. She started cutting the steak and stuffed one small bit into her mouth.

Charlotte didn't know how to pacify her friend. 'She must be terribly upset about this entire thing. But it seems that she is holding back her sadness. Oh, poor Aria, ' she felt bad for her bestie.

And meanwhile, the other two emerged into the parking lot. Lawrence didn't let Anna go until they had reached his car.

"Lawrence, I..." Anna tried to explain. Since she had exaggerated about her relationship with Lawrence, she knew that he must be really upset with her.

"I tried to be nice to you because I didn't want to throw a tantrum at you. But that doesn't mean that I will put up with all of your nonsense behaviours," Lawrence began, glaring at Anna with his sharp eyes.

Terrified, Anna stared into his eyes just like a panic-stricken kitten. 'Lawrence has got angry. I think I have pushed his buttons this time. What should I do?' she wondered anxiously.

"I had asked you to marry me. But you didn't choose me, instead you left me to pursue your studies and dream and broke my heart at that time," Lawrence snarled, "Besides, have I promised you that I will marry you now? Do you think that now you can enter my life again?"

Anna shook her head, dumbfounded. She couldn't believe what Lawrence was saying. She loved him and that was wha

e. We are over. I am ending this relationship here itself. From today on, we are strangers for each other," Aria said indifferently as she made an attempt to get up and go back to packing her stuff again.

Lawrence tightened his grip on her arm trying his best to stop her from leaving. "What if I don't let you go away from me?" he asked in a threatening manner.

"Do you think you can always keep me by your side?" Aria retorted back. She thought she had already lost Lawrence, so she just wanted to leave him. Even if he managed to convince her to stay with him they could never have the same kind of feelings as he loved someone else.

"Aria," Lawrence called, and he softly released her from his grip. Maintaining a casual expression, he also sat down on the lounge, crossing his legs patiently.

Aria paid no attention to the reaction Lawrence was giving. She took out two bank cards from her purse and placed them on the tea table. "You gave me these. Now I am giving them back to you," she began.

"If you left this place, you would be out of work. And no company in this city is going to give you any, moreover your sick mom would lose her job too," Lawrence threatened her. When he was speaking, he made sure to do so softly so that she could feel intimidated.

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