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   Chapter 916 The Woman He Loved (Part Two)

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Lawrence frowned at her disrespectful behavior and said in a cold voice, "What else do you want to know since you have already seen it?" Lawrence then remembered that Aria and Charlotte were here to have lunch and they would go shopping later this afternoon.

He looked at Aria impatiently and said dryly, "If you want to have lunch, go find another table."

"No, I won't!" Aria answered stubbornly and she then shouted to the waiter, "Two orders of steak!"

"Okay. Wait a minute, please," the waiter answered politely.

The atmosphere became very embarrassing so everyone kept silent. It was as if the air had been frozen.

After a while, Aria broke the silence and directly asked Anna, "Miss Anna, are you Lawrence's friend?" She was very bold.

"Yes, I am," Anna answered calmly.

"What type of friend?" Aria asked again.

"A close friend," Anna answered unhurriedly. She could already read what was in Aria's mind.

"I am very familiar with Lawrence's private life and I know almost all of his friends. How come I never heard about you?" Aria asked skeptically. 'Who on earth is this woman?' Aria thought.

"You two live together?" Instead of answering Aria's question, Anna turned to Lawrence and asked.

Lawrence didn't answer. He remained silent and his face seemed calm. None of them could guess what he might be thinking.

"Yes," it was Aria who replied firmly. Well, she was only telling the truth.

"So, are you his woman?' Anna asked again.

"Yes," Aria said.

To her surprise, Anna didn't get angry. Instead, a mocking smile appeared at the corners of he

to believe that he would love her wholeheartedly. She now realized that she was wrong, totally wrong. This woman was deeply hidden in his heart and she was the most precious for him.

Lawrence didn't say a word. Instead, he stood up and walked beside Anna. Then, in a tender voice, he said, "Let's go."

"Okay," Anna replied sweetly. She was judicious, so she could tell the annoyance on Lawrence's face.

She picked up her bag but before she left, she looked at Aria and said, "Miss Aria, I just returned home a few days ago. I don't care what happened to Lawrence when I was away but since I am back now, you should know what to do from now on." Then she added, "Lawrence and I are public figures and I don't wish to hear any gossip about us. So, please stay away from him. He already has me beside him."

Just as she was done talking, Lawrence grabbed her and pulled her out of the restaurant.

For Anna, Lawrence's behavior was out of anger because she could feel it.

But in Aria's eyes, it was love because she believed that Lawrence loved Anna.

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