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   Chapter 915 The Woman He Loved (Part One)

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Just when Aria and Charlotte went inside the restaurant to choose a table, Charlotte suddenly saw a familiar figure not far away.

She immediately whispered to Aria's ear, "Aria, look. Lawrence is there."

Aria halted when she heard Charlotte mentioned Lawrence's name. Although she was surprised, she still looked at the direction that Charlotte was looking at. She immediately recognized Lawrence even just at one glance. She was very certain that it was Lawrence although they could only see his back. The shirt he was wearing was exactly the same that Lawrence wore this morning. And since it was a limited edition clothing line, the probability of having the same shirt in the city was almost zero. That man was absolutely Lawrence.

Aria and Charlotte stood still as if they were stunned. They just stared at Lawrence and the woman across from him. It seemed that Aria couldn't recover from shock.

"Aria, who is that woman? She's so beautiful and elegant," asked Charlotte. She noticed that the woman was not only gorgeous but her temperament showed that she was well bred and educated. Anyone could easily tell that she was born and raised from a noble and rich family.

"Who the hell knows her?" Aria answered. "Countless women want to crawl into Lawrence's bed and sleep with him. How will I know which one she is?" A burning hot fury started to blaze deep in her heart. Hadn't he told her that he wouldn't be in romantic terms with other women? But what was he doing now? He not only went out for lunch with a woman, they even looked very happy. What the hell was that?

"But Lawrence always turns his back to those women," Charlotte countered. "He never had any affairs with other women, even with his assistant. They are just business colleagues. But look at that woman. They look so cheerful." Cha

in a noble family. Anna could tell from her expressions and gestures that she loved Lawrence so much and that made her develop a hatred towards Aria.

"Hello, I am Anna," Anna replied politely. Although she didn't like Aria and they could be rivals, she still maintained her gracefulness and politeness. Thus, she could overwhelm her opponent easily.

After Anna introduced herself, Aria turned to Lawrence and asked, "Does it feel good to have lunch with a beautiful lady?"

"Haven't you seen everything?" Lawrence retorted. He didn't like the way of Aria's questioning in front of Anna.

His cold voice surprised both Aria and Anna. Even Charlotte was agape because she didn't expect Lawrence to talk to Aria that way.

A shadow?of disbelief enveloped?Aria's face. She couldn't believe what she had just heard.

On the other hand, Anna's lips curved up in a smile. It seemed that Lawrence wasn't nice to this woman. 'Perhaps she is just one of the women that Lawrence plays with, ' she thought.

"Yes, I saw everything. I saw how you talked to this woman happily," Aria answered in anger as she pointed a finger at Anna.

She was so crazy with anger that she couldn't control herself anymore.

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