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   Chapter 914 An Unexpected Encounter (Part Two)

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Upon hearing this, Charlotte couldn't keep her excitement and exclaimed, "That's me! I want to eat in a western restaurant!"

Aria didn't say a word, pretended that she didn't hear her and kept her eyes on the road.

"Hey, I was just kidding. Don't take it seriously. Okay?" Charlotte apologized for she thought that Aria got angry. The thought of a well-done steak made her mouth water and she didn't want to ruin this bountiful lunch date.

Aria smiled upon hearing Charlotte's plea. She was not mad at Charlotte. She was just playing with her. Aria smiled and said, "I'm sorry, I was just playing with you. How can I get annoyed with my only best friend? Buckle up because I'm going to take you to the best western restaurant in the city!"

"Let's go!" Charlotte exclaimed excitedly, a big smile crossed her small face.

Lawrence arrived at the western restaurant. It was said to serve the best western cuisine in the city. He was not a fan of fancy western restaurants but it wasn't his idea so here he was. He stepped out of the car and handed the key to the valet.

As soon as he stepped out of the car, a waitress recognized him and waited for him at the door. When Lawrence stepped in, the waitress approached him and greeted, "Welcome, sir."

"I'm Anna Dou's friend," Lawrence introduced himself.

"Yes, sir. Please follow me," the waitress courteously replied. She led Lawrence to the table reserved for Anna Dou.

When Anna saw Lawrence approaching, she stood up.

"I'm sorry for making you wait. I got caught up in traffic," Lawrence began and took a seat opposite Anna's. He didn't bother to shake her hand.

"I don't mind," Anna reassured Lawrence and smiled. She then turned to the waitress and said, "You may now serve the food I ordered."

"Yes, Miss," the waitress politely replied. The waitress respectfully dismissed herself and left.

Lawrence noticed that it was a public table and not the usual private room he was accustomed to. He glanced around and saw not too many guests at the restaurant at that time. He then turned his glance at Anna and asked, "So, why aren't we in a private room?"

He assumed that a high-class woman like Anna would prefer to eat in a private room of any restaurant. But to his surprise, she reserved a place right in the middle of the floor.

"Well, t

to be with you. I want to stay with you. I'm ready now."

"Anna," Lawrence cooed as he turned his glance back to her. Anna could feel the softness in Lawrence's voice when he spoke her name.

"Please give me a chance, Lawrence. I know how you felt. I know how you're feeling right now. But please don't push me away. Give me one more chance to prove to you how I feel. I have already turned down opportunities abroad just to be with you," Anna was pleading. She was desperate to win Lawrence back.

Aria and Charlotte finally arrived at the restaurant. They walked inside arm in arm, giggling like high school girls. While waiting for the waitress to give them a table, they talked about the food they would like to order.

"I want two filet mignons, Aria. Don't forget that," Charlotte reminded, squeezing her friend's hand in excitement.

"Did you skip breakfast? How can you eat so much?" Aria asked with a helpless expression but was glad to see her friend so excited about their lunch date. 'Well, I didn't eat breakfast, too. But I don't know how I can eat that much, ' Aria thought to herself.

"I researched last night and found out that the filet mignon here is the best!" Charlotte said, giving Aria a cute expression.

"Of course. As I said, I will treat you to the best western restaurant in the city, so here we are," Aria reassured her friend. She glanced around and saw a vacant table not far from where they were standing. Aria pointed to that direction and said, "I can see a vacant table. Let's go and seat over there."

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