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   Chapter 913 An Unexpected Encounter (Part One)

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A sweet and loving smile crossed Aria's face that brought warmth into the cold night. Just being with the man she loved meant everything to her. She had given her heart to him and in return, Aria felt loved, cared for, and respected by the man beside her.

"Lawrence, I am telling you this every time and I'm serious. You better stay away from all your female subordinates and staffs. If I see you flirting with them, I won't go easy on them or on you," Aria warned her boyfriend. She wasn't the controlling girlfriend because she knew Lawrence loved her so much and would rather die than to cheat on her. But she also knew that she was in a relationship with a very handsome man and all woman must be dying to sleep with her man.

"You know that I like my woman to be feisty. She must be strong enough to handle other women," Lawrence said jokingly as he caressed Aria's body, kissing her shoulder tenderly.

"Go ahead and bring them to me so I can take care of them," Aria answered straightforwardly, trying to dismiss Lawrence's lips from kissing her shoulders. She's starting to get irritated because Lawrence was not taking her seriously.

Sensing Aria's irritation, Lawrence pressed his lips harder on her shoulders. He turned over and placed himself on top of Aria. He pressed his hands onto the bed with Aria between his arms and said, "As my woman, you must do your duty and serve me well."

"Lawrence, you..."

But before she could finish, she felt Lawrence's lips pressed against hers. She kissed him back. Lawrence put his arms around her waist and tried to feel her between his thighs. He caught her and gently pushed himself into Aria. She arched back in pleasure and gave out a low moan. He pressed harder and harder until Aria couldn't hold back and moaned louder.


The room was dark because of the thick curtains on the window. A little beam of light crept from the small space between the draping cloths. It was already morning. The couple was still sleeping on the bed, with their arms around each other. Their clothes were scattered all over the floor.

Aria's body clock woke her up. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the surrounding. She saw the beam of light creeping from the window. She slowly

date. When her best friend said it was her treat, Charlotte immediately said yes. Who would say no to a free lunch and shopping spree? 'I can now taste my favorite western cuisine in my mouth, ' Charlotte daydreamed while waiting for Aria.

A car was driving to where Charlotte was waiting. The car window rolled down and Aria called out, "Charlotte! Charlotte Pan! I am here!" She waved her hand for Charlotte to notice her.

When Charlotte finally noticed Aria, she walked towards her car in a fashionable way wearing her 3-inch high heels.

She stepped in the passenger's seat gracefully. She closed the car door and fastened her seat belt. She sighed and said, "You're late. You know what time it is now?"

"I was stuck in traffic. I just realized that today is Saturday, and everyone is heading to the shopping malls today. Please don't get angry at me," Aria explained to Charlotte. She started the car and drove off.

"You always have excuses. I won't ever win an argument with you," Charlotte said, faking anger and looking outside the car window trying not to laugh.

Aria, who was trying to show her sincere apology to her friend, then said, "Someone told me that she's craving for some western cuisine. I hope she has not yet changed her mind because I have already reserved seats for us in a fancy western restaurant." She was waiting for Charlotte's reaction and for her to respond. Aria smirked knowing that Charlotte wouldn't be able to say no to a fancy lunch today.

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