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   Chapter 912 You Are The Reason

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Lawrence took a step forward and placed the shining pearl necklace around Anna's neck.

Anna lifted the necklace and lowered her head to take a peek. She smiled as she looked back on her memories of Lawrence and her and their time together.

A wide grin showed up on Anna's face. Her happiness brought tears of joy in her eyes. Despite the crowd around them, she wrapped her arms around Lawrence and hugged him tightly. Her eyes were closed as she breathed in his scent.

Lawrence responded by giving her a tighter hug.

Thunderous applause from the guests exploded around them while they chitchatted about the couple.

"That's why Lawrence spent so much for a necklace. It was going to be for this lovely woman," one of the couples said to his partner.

"I heard that her father is the CEO of BD Investment Group. They are indeed a good match."

"They must have known each other for quite some time now and must have feelings for each other."

"A handsome man and a stunning woman, such a perfect match. They will definitely be a happy couple, if they get together."

At the edge of the crowd, Mike and everyone at his table were all shocked.

"Mike, did you know about this? Who is this woman?" Greg asked one question after the other, as he watched Lawrence and Anna with their arms around each other.

"Ask Lawrence," Mike replied. He didn't know Lawrence's reunion with Anna was a good news or bad one.

"They look so happy together," Melisa exclaimed. She could only dream to experience the same romantic moment with a man she loved.

"She's obviously with Lawrence now. He wouldn't spend that much money if this was nothing," Tim bemused.

"That pearl necklace is definitely more than what someone is wearing," Alice responded as she deliberately landed her eyes on Ivy and her dress.

"I really thought Ivy was a little special to Lawrence. But now I guess he only views her as an employee."

"She can never be Lawrence's girlfriend or wife. She can never reach Lawrence's level. In fact, if she didn't work for the JC Group, she wouldn't even be in this party."

Ivy heard the whispers about her from the people in the party. And she wished she could just be invisible. She actually thought Aria was her opponent. But Anna was the true competition. 'I was so naive, ' she thought to herself.

She rose from her seat without making a sound and slipped away from the crowd.

Anna whispered in Lawrence's ear, "Thank you, Lawrence."

Lawrence whispered in her ear, "I will do anything for you."


Soon, the party was over and the guests began to leave one by one. Lawrence asked Anna if he could take her home and she agreed.

When she saw Lawrence escort Anna inside his car, Ivy unconsciously gritted her teeth and balled up her fist. She wished she could pull Anna out of the passenger's seat. 'That's supposed to be my seat, ' Ivy thought to herself.

Lawrence drove away and Ivy could only stare after them. Alice and Tim came out from the hall, arm in arm. They walked towards Ivy and, with an eyebrow raised, Alice told her, "Don't worry. Lawrence asked to arrange for a driver to take you home and he's on his way.

went good. You know me, I'm so good at sales and marketing. I'm always articulate. My supervisors all love me. I never fail my work."

When Lawrence didn't say anything, she knew something was definitely bothering Lawrence. She looked into his eyes, and asked, "Why are you suddenly interested in my work?"

"It's nothing, just forget about it," Lawrence tried to change the subject. Lawrence didn't know how to tell her what was going on. He just wanted a peaceful life and he didn't want anyone or anything to disrupt his life.

Aria wrapped her arm around Lawrence. "Wow, is Mr. Lawrence now interested in my work? I'm flattered," she teased.

"But I'm always interested in your work," Lawrence protested. He always was interested in her work. But when he was in front of Aria, he found it hard to explain himself rationally.

"No, it's not that. But you don't like it when I work all the time. And then today, you asked me about my work. I was just surprised," Aria explained.

"I worry that someone at your work will sweep you off your feet and you'll leave me. It's hard for me to share you with other men," Lawrence professed with his eyes on Aria's.

Aria's heart melted at Lawrence's words. Since they became a couple, Lawrence had loved her with all his heart and had always treated her well. He was so infatuated with her. That was why it was so easy for her to give her whole heart and body to him, too.

"Lawrence Chu," Aria stated his full name proudly.

Lawrence turned to gaze at Aria.

"You're a very rich and powerful man. So many women try to win your graces and affection every day. Why didn't you ever look at them?" Aria asked, with all honesty. She wanted to know.

Lawrence was silent, his eyes still on Aria's, but unsure what to say.

"Why me? Why do you love me?" Aria continued. She was filled with curiosity.

"Do you really want to know why?" Lawrence finally opened his mouth to answer Aria's question.

"Yes, I do," Aria responded almost too quickly.

"I love you for no reason. But you're the reason I won't even look at another woman," he replied.

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