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   Chapter 911 The One I Cherish (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5731

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He fired away several questions at Lawrence at once. Amanda Wang who sat next to him reminded him in a low voice, "Sshh! Don't nag him! You will know soon enough."

"Come on! I basically know all Lawrence's friends. I am curious to know who it is!" Mike retorted.

"That's enough! The auction has begun," Lawrence butted in, interrupting their chatter. He wasn't sure if the woman was her. But the familiar figure reminded him of her.

He clearly remembered that she had told him she would spend the rest of her life abroad. 'It is not possible for her to be here. I must have mistaken someone else for her. But the silhouette looks like her. Should I believe my eyes?' his mind was a confused mess.

"The first item to be sold is..." the auctioneer's voice resounded over the microphone.

All the guests focused on the item displayed on the stage. The buyers called out loudly as they raised their bid cards.

An hour passed and the very item had been sold. Melisa Ouyang spent three hundred thousand for the necklace.

"Next up is our last item- a pearl necklace from the BD Group. The bidding begins at 100, 000," the auctioneer declared.

The minute Mike heard this name, his expression changed. He looked at Lawrence and asked, "Lawrence, does..."

"Shut up!" Lawrence silenced Mike with a sharp rebuke.

Greg and the others sitting at the table looked inquisitively at Lawrence and Mike. 'What's wrong with BD Investment Group? Why did Mike and Lawrence both overreact at this item?' they wondered.

"What's going on? Can anyone tell me what is happening?" Alice asked, unable to hide her curiosity.

Amanda Wang shook her head to signal a lack of knowledge on the matter.

Greg fixed

'So many years have passed, but he has not forgotten me or our past. He remembers the necklace and everything related to it, ' she blushed.

Lawrence paused in front of her. He scrutinized her from head to toe as if trying to see if his memory of her every feature was accurate.

Anna Dou rose elegantly from her seat. "How are you Lawrence? It has been many years and now we meet again," she greeted with a charming smile.

"Why didn't you inform me of your return?" Lawrence asked in a soft voice.

"I wanted to give you a surprise," Anna Dou replied with a brilliant smile. "So, are you surprised to see me?"

"Yes. It is a big surprise. I had to give you the same gift twice," Lawrence replied nonchalantly. He had eyes only for Anna. He blocked out everything else around him and didn't care much for what others were thinking about his behaviour.

"I was wondering if you would recognize the necklace?" Anna said with a sweet smile.

Lawrence held up the necklace and said, "When I gave it you, I told you that it was yours forever because you were the one I wanted to cherish. You are the true owner of this necklace."

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