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   Chapter 910 The One I Cherish (Part One)

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When Mike and Greg stepped into the VIP lounge, they found Lawrence and Tim already seated on the sofa.

"Wow, what a surprise! I didn't expect you two to be here so early," Mike gushed, as he came over to Lawrence and sat next to him. Greg made his way to the sofa near Tim and took a seat.

"Who is your female companion, Mike? Do we know her?" Tim asked Mike wickedly. His lips were curved slightly as if he was hiding his amusement.

"Mike is bringing a big shot. They was the talk of the party when they appeared in the lobby. One is the son of the big boss of the underworld and the other is the daughter of the chief of the Public Security Bureau. It created a stir," Greg disclosed with a casual smile as he sat cross-legged on the sofa.

"Amanda Wang?" Lawrence questioned in amazement as he gave Mike a sidelong glance.

Mike did not answer Lawrence. Resting his eyes on Greg, he snapped, "How about you, Greg? You are bringing the daughter of the Director of Finance to the party. Your hospital makes a considerable profit daily. Now you have chosen the daughter of the Director as your female companion. What's your plan? Are you trying to control the economy of the city?"

"You know me so well Mike," Greg jested right back. As he caught a glimpse of Lawrence's expression, Greg hastily sat up straight and explained, "I'm just kidding, Lawrence."

Tim burst into laughter and placed his hand around Greg's shoulder. "Be careful, Greg. You are Violet's husband. If you dare cheat on her, Lawrence will not spare you."

"Stop making fun of him. He has no guts to do that," Mike chimed in. He drank some wine and continued, "We all know Greg is an affectionate man and only cares about Violet. Besides, with Lawre

stairs. Thank you Ivy."

Mike and Tim also got to their feet and followed Greg out.

When Lawrence stood up, Ivy walked to his side and held his arm. They left the lounge together.

All the guests were seated in the lobby. The auctioneer was standing on the stage. He made the opening remarks and introduced the flows.

Lawrence looked at the auctioneer absentmindedly. The speech the auctioneer was giving was dull. His attention wandered and he glanced around. He spotted someone whose back was to him but still looked familiar. He stared hard trying to place the person.

Ivy saw Lawrence's attention was focused elsewhere. She followed his gaze and saw Anna Dou whom she had met earlier at the party.

"What are you looking at, Lawrence?" whispered Alice who was sitting next to Lawrence.

Even though she spoke in a low voice, Mike and the rest heard her as they were all seated at the same table.

Lawrence didn't take his eyes off that figure sitting ahead. After a long time, he said, "She looks familiar. I think she is one of my friends."

Ivy got rattled on hearing this.

"Who? Where? Do I know her?" Mike asked with interest.

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