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   Chapter 909 Their Female Partners (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6248

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The Yu family's customs business, for example, had immensely grown in recent years. Currently, the business was almost a monopoly. Besides, there was no corner of the city that the family's underworld network did not reach.

As for Amanda, the Wang family's old money alone would have been enough. But her father's recent rise to the position of chief of the Public Security Bureau had added yet another badge the family's already decorated history.

On Greg's part, although born into aristocracy, he put his best in everything he did. Perhaps, the best proof of his passion, dedication and hard work was his meticulous academic record, graduating valedictorian out of med school. Now, under his leadership, his family-run XS Hospital had expanded and bought out all the private hospitals across the city. His power too could never be overlooked.

However, the indisputable number one aristocrats of the city were the Ouyang family. For generations, their deep pockets had held sway not only in the city but countrywide. And today, the beautiful lady by Greg's side was an Ouyang.

"Just look what beautiful couples they make!" someone from the crowd said.

"You are absolutely right! They look so perfect together!" agreed a neighbor.

But the third guy nearby disagreed. "It may not be as easy as you imagine. It's no secret, for example, that the Yu and Wang families don't get along well. If their history is anything to go by, a marriage between the two would be dead on arrival. It would be like trying to mix water with oil, if not worse. What's more, Greg is the son-in-law to the Chu family, will he divorce their daughter to marry Miss Ouyang?"

"That is impossible!" He concluded. Everyone knew how Lawrence doted on his younger sister, who was Greg's official wife. If anyone dared?rub her the wrong way, big brother wouldn't hesitate settling the

g is married and I also know that his wife is your best friend." Alice had all these information at her fingertips, but she still asked so to pick out what Melisa and Amanda were thinking.

"You are right! Violet is indeed my best friend! We are like sisters!" Alice responded and gave her a big smile. She then stretched her hand to hold Melisa's.

"I understand you guys must be tight," said Melisa Ouyang. "Actually, my dad says the friendship between your families goes some generations back. Plus, I also know that Miss Violet, Greg and you were classmates at one point," she added, a smile crossing her face. At this point, Melisa Ouyang was no longer uptight. She seemed she'd have talked on were it not for a waiter who came by to serve them wine.

"Miss Ouyang, I think we could be good friends in the future," Alice said, implying that she shouldn't hit on Greg. However, though Melisa had expressed that she had nothing going on with Greg, It couldn't stop her if she really admired Greg.

"Let's have cheers for our future friendship!" Melisa Ouyang proposed as she lifted the glass for a toast with Alice and Amanda Wang.

Then they gracefully engaged in some small talk and hearty laughter while they sipped their wine.

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