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   Chapter 908 Their Female Partners (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6288

Updated: 2019-04-08 18:10

A Ferrari parked at the gate of the hotel and the security personnel immediately walked up to it and opened the door respectfully.

Mike got down from the car, took off his dark glasses and looked around the hotel.

Amanda Wang, wearing a pink dress, got off the car elegantly with a delicate handbag in her hand. Smiling, she walked beside Mike and linked her arm into his. "Kindly, let's get inside," she invited in a sweet voice.

Mike took a squint at the beautiful lady and asked, "What if we meet your father at the party?"

"No, I wouldn't mind. I will introduce you to him as my boyfriend." With a natural smile, Amanda Wang replied, looking Mike straight in the eyes. Generally, Amanda Wang was quite an open-minded lady.

"I am not sure whether your father will be very impressed to see us together," said Mike, looking worried. He then continued, "I also wonder how the media will report on the daughter of a public security bureau chief dating an unknown guy like me."

But Amanda Wang wasn't worried at all. Unruffled and carrying herself with elegance still, she firmly replied, "The whole media in this city is under Lawrence's control. Whichever twist of a story you want the media to publish, he is the go-to guy. As your best friend, I'm sure he'll gladly help you present our story in the best way you like it." 'That's a reasonable proposal, ' Mike thought. The witty, candid personality made Amanda Wang remarkably different from other rich girls. Moreover, she was amazingly simple - a quality Mike found irresistible.

Looking at her eyes with pleasure, Mike could not conceal his smile. In a serious voice, he said, "You are absolutely right! It seems that I'm a little too anxious."

"Let's get inside. Trust me, I'll know what to do, without putting unnecessary pressure on you," Amanda Wang assured, beaming with a smile.

Just when Mik

two gentlemen. Mike was indicating Greg not to reveal too much.

Clearly, Amanda understood everything now, and a transient smile crossed her face, even though she restrained herself, trying to keep an expressionless face.

Melisa too was a sensible girl, and Greg's excitable talk was making her ill at ease. 'It must be even more awkward for Amanda, ' she thought.

"Guys, why don't we get inside?" she suggested, motioning politely for Amanda and Mike to walk in first. "We would better be in and seated before the party begins," she added. They were here for a charity fundraiser, which was about to start and her tactful suggestion saved them both the embarrassment moment and the inconvenience of getting in late when the function was already underway.

"Okay, let's go in!" Mike echoed and walked ahead with Amanda.

Greg and Melisa followed them closely behind.

In the colossal, magnificent hall, the arrival of the two gorgeous ladies flanked by two suave guys immediately caused a stir in the audience. For their wealth, power, and good looks to match, they stood out from the crowd like strawberry in a bowl of peas. Together with Lawrence, the group of four that had just arrived wielded?vast power and?influence over the city.

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