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   Chapter 907 Anna Dou (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5531

Updated: 2019-04-08 18:01

It was a woman in a blue dress with a perfect body and a curly chestnut hair which was down to her shoulders. Her legs were long and flawless. She was wearing white glass high heels which gave her a noble and extremely beautiful look.

"Sorry, do I know you?" Ivy was stunned that the woman approached her so she asked. She stared at the woman in front of her intently. She thought she was not an ordinary woman. She had a beautiful face, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and not so long but beautiful eyelashes. She looked charming even with just a light makeup.

"My name is Anna Dou," The woman introduced herself. Then she raised her glass to take a sip of wine.

"Hello, nice to meet you," Ivy replied with a smile the moment Anna put down her glass.

However, Anna Dou said impolitely, "Is it nice? I don't see how nice it will go."

Ivy felt awkward for a few seconds because it was her first time to meet someone who greeted her first then embarrassed her the next minute.

When Anna noticed that Ivy fell silent, she continued, "It's understandable that you've never heard of me. I have been living abroad for quite a while and I just came back yesterday so I'm pretty sure that we're completely strangers to each other."

Ivy tried her best to remain polite in front of this woman. When she finished talking, Ivy asked, "How did you know my name, then?"

"I'm the heiress of the BD Investment Group," Anna Dou replied slowly. In her eyes, Ivy was just a cheap assistant, who deserved only to crawl under her feet. She should have been flattered that Anna had noticed her.

Ivy fell silent, for she knew clearly how powerful and influe

g all of the possible consequences, Ivy decided to explain, "Miss Anna, I don't really know what you mean. I have been working in the JC Group for a long time and Mr. Lawrence recognizes my ability. I believe I am qualified to be employed by the JC Group and I don't think I need to resort to any backdoor dealings." She paused for a while then she continued, "Since you're not one of Mr. Lawrence's admirers, I'm sorry for what I said just now. I have misunderstood you."

Anna Dou was satisfied with her apology and nodded her head. "It seems that Mr. Lawrence is quite busy after work. There must be a lot of women pursuing him, right?" Anna Dou then commented. Then she added, "Or else, as his assistant, you wouldn't take every woman you meet as his admirer."

Ivy suddenly asked, "Miss Anna, do you know Mr. Lawrence? How can you comment on his life like that?" She took the high road with Anna now because she wanted to suppress her by using Lawrence.

However, Anna didn't give her any chance to do so and simply replied, "You'll know."

Then she turned around and left Ivy alone again.

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