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   Chapter 906 Anna Dou (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5573

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In a garden hotel in the city center, a party was on going. The hotel hall was quite busy. People who were mostly young gentlemen and elegant women were walking and talking around. Some of them were in pairs, some of them were in groups. The event gave the hotel an atmosphere of a great palace.

Ivy, in her limited edition white dress that was just launched in a Milan fashion show and 10-cm high heels, walked towards Lawrence. She casually took his arms as if they were close friends.

Then Ivy whispered to his ear, "Mr. Lawrence, are we going to wait for Mr. Mike?" She looked at the entrance and thought to herself, 'I don't have an invitation to this party but if Lawrence is with me, I can easily get in. I can finally get a chance to see how the upper society is.'

"No. Let's go inside," Lawrence simply said. Then he directly walked to the door.

Ivy followed Lawrence swiftly. Good thing she was already used to wearing a 10-cm high heels. After attending so many parties with Lawrence, she had already learned how to look and act elegantly. When she stood beside Lawrence, she felt prouder because she could easily get close to him. Millions of women admired him and were dying to be with him, but they couldn't even get a chance. Lawrence was not a casual type of person. Moreover, when she was with him, she didn't allow other women to get near him. However, there was only one exception - Aria.

Inside the hall, Tim and Alice were holding goblets and chatting with their two friends. When they saw Lawrence coming in, Alice hastily said goodbye to her friends and walked to him with Tim.

"Lawrence!" Alice greeted him happily. She then took

he interrupted, "Stop it. I am not interested in any clothes." His voice showed a hint of annoyance. Then he added, "I want to go to the green room on the second floor. So if Mike arrives, tell him to go directly to the second floor."

Ivy then released Lawrence's arm and nodded her head with a sweet smile pasted on her face.

Tim also turned to Alice and said gently, "I'll go upstairs as well. Just go and chat with some friends for a while, okay?"

"Okay, no problem. I'll just go to my friends over there," she replied as she pointed to the direction of some women who are chatting happily. Then she turned around and left.

As Lawrence and Tim also went upstairs, Ivy was left alone. She stood still and didn't know what to do. All people present in this party were powerful and famous individuals while she was merely an assistant employed by the JC Group. How could she fit herself in with these people?

While she was wondering what to do, she heard someone called her name, "Ivy?"

She could tell that the voice was not far away.

She turned around and saw someone walking towards her.

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