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   Chapter 905 Is It A Good Idea (Part Twp)

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Updated: 2019-04-08 00:06

As soon as he came in, Lawrence halted in surprise at what he saw. Mike was sleeping soundly on the sofa.

Lawrence immediately flared up. He strode towards his desk and dropped the pile of documents forcefully. Mike jerked out of sleep because of the loud sound.

Mike fluttered his eyes open. When he saw that Lawrence was already in his seat, he sat up slowly.

'You're back from a meeting, eh?" Mike asked while yawning. "If you feel sleepy, you should have gone to the lounge. Don't you know where it is?" Lawrence reproached with a disgruntled look.

"Don't get angry, okay? I intended to wait for you here but I didn't notice that I drop off," Mike explained. "I promise, it won't happen again," he added.

He tried his best to ease Lawrence's anger. He knew that his friend was a rigid, principled man. He never allowed someone to do something irrelevant in his office.

Lawrence fixed his eyes on Mike with a livid face. He suddenly remembered that Aria waited for him and ended up sleeping in the balcony last night. He couldn't understand why Mike could fall asleep in such a neat and serious office. 'Did he stay up the whole night yesterday, too?' he asked himself.

"What are you doing here?" Lawrence asked. 'Looks like we meet too often recently, ' he thought.

"I have no place to go except here. I was kicked out by my Dad," Mike replied with a resigned expression. He even shrugged to show his helplessness.

"Do you need me to buy an apartment for you?" Lawrence asked again. He actually didn't know what really happened.

"Do you think I'm short of money? And my Dad had already started the real estate busi

n too nice to you recently, eh?" Lawrence cut in menacingly. He was a little miffed that Mike made fun of him.

"I'm just telling the truth. It's nothing personal, dude. Don't get me wrong," Mike extricated himself as he noticed the displeasure on Lawrence's face.

"I heard that you are popular among girls. Haven't you found someone special among them?" Alice asked gingerly. She didn't want to displease Mike.

"According to my family rule, I can't marry a woman from a club," Mike blurted plainly.

"Oh, I see. Then, I would advise you to just go on a blind date. Anyway, you have to face it sooner or later. And remember, Lawrence ran into Aria on a blind date as well," Alice suggested. The moment she finished talking, she felt the sullen look in Lawrence's eyes. She immediately covered her mouth as if regretting that she brought up something that shouldn't be. She shouldn't have mentioned Lawrence and his girlfriend.

"Is it really a good idea to go on a blind date?" Mike asked skeptically. He was still not convinced.

Not all men could find his love on a blind date.

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