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   Chapter 904 Is It A Good Idea (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-07 10:39

"Seriously? A blind date?" Mike asked. His eyes were wide in astonishment. "What a shame for such a pickup artist like me!" he exclaimed.

"Well, look at Greg. He is younger than you but he already got married," Soren mentioned Greg as an example. "It's time for you to settle down. You must hurry up and get married. I want to see my grandson in a year. I don't mind if you will even have a shotgun wedding," Soren demanded. Every time he met with his friends, they always talked about their cute grandchildren. He could only sit and listen quietly to their bragging. So, to avoid such embarrassment again, he decided to urge his son to wed.

"You should have informed me earlier so I wouldn't have used any protection when having sex. That way, you could already have a dozen of grandchildren running around you," Mike whined casually. His father's sudden announcement really took him by great surprise. It was even more shocking than being caught sleeping with another woman by his father.

"It's okay for you to have fun in some clubs but you can't marry someone who works there. You must choose a well bred woman. Our family has a reputation in this city so you must find a good match. Don't ever forget that," Soren lectured.

"Oh man!" Mike was already losing his patience. He got up and went straight to the bathroom to wash up.

Half an hour later, the charming young man had put on a tailored suit. After saying goodbye to his father, he went out of the house with a car key in his hand.

Instead of heading for the rendezvous, he drove straight to the JC Group.

The moment he stepped into Lawrence's office, he spotted Ivy.

"Good morning, Ivy honey," he greeted playfully as usual. Ivy had changed a lot since she

and Ivy was the chief assistant. It actually took her a year to be able to climb up to this position. At first, it was difficult for her to distinguish herself among the three of them. So, she set up Polly and kicked her out of the company. She didn't even consider that Polly was the one who helped her a lot when she was newly hired. Only a few people knew the real reason why Polly was dismissed from the company. It was said that she made a mistake by providing a wrong information which caused a huge loss to the company. The high-level managers from the board made the decision to lay off Polly. Lawrence couldn't do anything to change it and Polly didn't even get the chance to defend herself. As a result, Ivy took her place.

The moment Lawrence stepped out of the lift, he caught sight of Ivy who was buried in her work.

When Ivy noticed someone's presence, she looked up. She immediately rose from her seat when she saw that it was Lawrence. She reported, "Mr. Lawrence, Mr. Mike is waiting in your office."

"I see. Give me a cup of coffee without sugar," Lawrence ordered while heading for his office.

"Yes, boss," Ivy replied promptly.

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