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   Chapter 903 Blind Date For Mike (Part Two)

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"I understand. To tell you the truth, my biggest worry is my father. I know my mother will always support me and she trusts me. But, my father..." Lawrence didn't go on and his face shone?with gloominess. Recently, this was the only worry eating him and robbing his peace of mind. He had been with Aria for a long time but he still hadn't found the "right time" to inform his parents about her.

"Looking at it from your father's point of view, he is right to hope that you marry a girl from a family of equal status. Actually, Aria's family is indeed..." Greg analyzed. He knew that there was a big gap between the two families in respect to their social and economic status. At present, Kate was working in the logistics department of XS Hospital. Since she was too weak to do heavy work, Greg had already asked the director of logistics department to take special care of her.

"I am caught between them! My parents are on one side and Aria is on the other side. I love all of them so much and I won't sacrifice any of them," Lawrence was perplexed. As Greg was his close friend and a brother, it was not at all difficult to discuss this with him.

"How about we speak to Violet first? She is so understanding and I am sure she will support you. If your father and mother have any objections to Aria, Violet could speak in your favour," Greg advised him. Then he pondered for some time and continued, "But the odds are not good. We all know the kind of person your father is!"

Lawrence's heart had lifted when he heard the suggestion about Violet. Then he again lost heart when Greg concluded his speech. Yes, everyone knew his father very well!

"Forget it. We will see what happens when it does!" Lawrence helplessly excl

. I want to sleep longer," Mike shouted back, without even opening his eyes. Agitated, he covered his head with his quilt, trying to block out the noise.

"I don't care. You must get up right now. You still have a mission!" Soren insisted seriously.

Seeing Mike ignore him, Soren gestured to the men behind him

and the two men immediately walked into Mike's room.

They pulled Mike out of his bed and propped him up to stand in front of Soren.

"Take him downstairs," Soren ordered.

Still drowsy, Mike was taken downstairs by the men in black.

They sat him down on the sofa and then left. Mike directly fell on the sofa and tried to go back to sleep. But when he saw his father sitting in front of him, he reluctantly sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"Father, what are you doing? I am still sleepy. Just let me sleep for a few minutes more, please," Mike pleaded.

"No. There is no time for that. Drink a cup of hot tea to sober yourself up! Then freshen up. You have a blind date in half an hour. Nine o'clock at HY Cafe. Table No. 12. I have made all the arrangements for you," Soren ordered, without giving him a chance to say no.

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