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   Chapter 902 Blind Date For Mike (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6025

Updated: 2019-04-07 10:38

One year later...

The bar was especially boisterous and noisy at night. With loud music and flickering lights, it was really a perfect place for young people to release pressure, let loose their anger and even make new friends. Here, everyone seemed to let go of their inhibitions and show their true colours without fear of being judged by other people.

But the VIP private room on the third floor of the bar was exceptionally dull and quiet. Three young men leaned back on the couch and smoked cigarette after cigarette. They looked bored and were awaiting someone. The three were Mike, Greg and Tim. Suddenly Tim put on his coat to cover himself and complained, "I will fall asleep if he delays further."

"Why does he always disappoint us at the last moment? We are here, in his territory, but there is no sign of him. I really have no idea what he is doing." Mike joined him and began to grumble also.

"I heard from Lily that he hasn't been home for a long time." Greg nodded his head to show his agreement.

"Greg, do you know that he is no longer living in Chu villa. He is where Aria is! He really is not the same Lawrence I have known since my childhood." Mike added.

"Oh, really? Why the place where I live is home for my Alice. While for Lawrence, things are different. His girlfriend's home is his home, isn't it weird?" Tim jumped into the conversation. He didn't feel like sleeping any more and was very interested in the gossip about Lawrence.

"Alice is not Aria. Aria is a successful sales manager and Lawrence will throw himself at her feet to please her. Haha, I think Lawrence acts cool only in front of us. With Aria, he is her willing slave," Mike lightly said.

At that moment, Lawrence pushed the door open and walked in.

Wearing a new suit, he looked tall and

Greg sneered.

"Greg, you brat..." Tim gagged?in?anger. 'Greg always runs me down, ' Tim thought in irritation.

"Fine, fine, let us move on. Lawrence, remember it is just a charity event. Bring any female partner and bring enough money. That will do. Don't take it so seriously. Come on, let us all chill!" Mike mediated and the four started to drink to their hearts' content.

It was not until 1 o'clock in the morning that the four walked out of the bar. Four sports cars were parked at the gate waiting to pick them up.

"Bye for now, I have to go home or my father will kill me," Mike waved a goodbye to his friends and got into his car. His driver started the car and they soon drove away.

"I am also leaving. Bye!" Tim waved goodbye and zoomed away.

As they watched Tim drive away, Greg questioned Lawrence, "Lawrence, have you informed your parents about your relationship with Aria?"

"Not yet," replied Lawrence. His eyes were worried. "I don't know how to break this news to them."

"I suggest that you tell them at the earliest opportunity you get. If they find it out for themselves, things will not go well for you," suggested Greg. He was concerned about Lawrence.

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