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   Chapter 901 A Recollection (Part Two)

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"Do you really think I will let you live?" Lawrence asked. He squatted in front of Sally and observed her discreetly. He wanted to know what kind of person would dare to destroy his family.

Sally stared at Lawrence. She was lost in her thoughts. 'He looks exactly like Jackson when he was about his age. Their eyes in particular, ' she thought as Jackson occupied her mind.

"It's been so many years already. Why do you still keep on badgering my family?" Lawrence asked accusingly. His question brought Sally back to the present.

She glowered at the young man in front of her and cried indignantly, "It's all because of your mother! That bitch stole everything from me. I am just making her pay for what she did to me."

Sally's words annoyed Hellen more. She raised her gun and aimed it to Sally again. She was about to pull the trigger.

But Lawrence raised his hand in the air indicating her not to do it. "You are not allowed to shoot her without my permission," he ordered as he gave Hellen a quick glance.

Then he turned his eyes back to Sally and asked, "Did my Dad ever tell you that he loves you?"

That question left Sally speechless. 'No, he didn't. He never told me, ' she answered to herself.

"I remember that when my Mom was pregnant, she left this city. And that time, you stayed at my Dad's side. You've been with him for five years," Lawrence continued. "Did he ever touch you? Did he confess his love to you?" 'Maybe this will be our last conversation. I might not have the opportunity to talk to her again, ' Lawrence mused.

Sally still didn't reply. She couldn't tell Lawrence i

also went out of the JC Group building.

He drove and headed straight for the military residential compound.

It had been five years since the last time he came here. Only a few people still lived here but all houses were renovated except for the Chu's and the Lu's.

Lawrence stopped his car outside the military residential compound. As he stepped into the yard and saw the familiar place, memories ran through his mind. This place reminded him of that old man who adored him very much. He suddenly missed those days with him.

'Great-grandpa, I miss you so much, ' Lawrence thought with a sigh.

He stopped in front of the Chu family's residence. However, he didn't have the key so he couldn't get in. 'Was there any changes inside? Did Lily come here often to clean this place? Or maybe Dad had sold this house already?' he wondered. He looked up the blue sky. All of a sudden, he felt restful.

It was as if everything that happened didn't matter at all. All of those things had been in the past. He just decided to bear some things and some people in his mind.

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