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   Chapter 900 A Recollection (Part One)

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Hellen fixed her eyes on Sally. As she watched her heading for the switch room briskly, she had already foreseen her plan. 'Once she turns off all the switches on the tenth floor of the JC Group, there will be a blackout in the whole building, ' she speculated.

After a while, Hellen stepped back and turned to walk away.

Meanwhile, Sally pushed the cart to the switch room. She gingerly looked around to make sure that no one was in the corridor. Then she took out a small iron thing from her pocket and inserted it to the keyhole to unlock the door.

When the door was unlocked, she opened it with a slight push. When the space was wide enough, she pushed the trolley into the room and got in.

As she closed the door behind her, she took off her mask. She inspected the whole room and she saw some red and green lights flashing. All of a sudden, she was at a loss and didn't know where to start. She couldn't even tell where the main power supply was located.

She checked the power boxes one by one to look for the control circuit of the main power.

After five minutes of searching, her lips curved into a satisfied smile as she finally found the main power. Once she cut the wire off, there would be a power failure in the whole building and all networks wouldn't work. That way, she could do whatever she wanted. No one would know that she was the culprit even if she would hide some explosives in the building.

"Lawrence, you are not worthy to be my opponent. You can't even stop me now that you're back," Sally murmured. She was so certain that she could make it.

"I will destroy all of you. You, the JC Group, and Violet Chu," she continued with a sneer. She then raised her hand in an attempt to touch the wire.


ol in her hand, she turned to look at the door.

Lawrence stood outside the room, watching the panic-stricken women inside. He wasn't surprised to see the scene happening inside.

"Mr. Lawrence," Hellen greeted respectfully. She put her gun down and lowed her hand. It was the first time that she met Lawrence.

However, Lawrence just ignored Hellen's greeting. Instead, he went straight to Sally.

Sally burst into laughter of self-mockery. With a ferocious expression, she stared at Lawrence. She seethed, "What a bad luck! You can now kill me if you can. I'm not afraid of you."

"I will not get my hands dirty because of you," Lawrence replied grimly. He stared back at Sally who was now sitting on the floor. She looked so pitiful as she was unarmed. She looked like a loser. Lawrence couldn't imagine how this woman could kill Sharon.

"If you let me survive today, I swear, I will not spare you. You know my plan very well," Sally declared gruffly. But inside her, she silently wished that Lawrence would let her go. As long as she could leave this place alive, she would make a more careful plan and make sure it wouldn't have any loopholes.

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