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   Chapter 899 Caught By Lawrence (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5768

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"Also, if there is anything important, just call me," said Lawrence. And he didn't leave until Lily had nodded to him in affirmation.

Lawrence drove towards the Xiao family's house. There were many men wearing black suits standing in the yard. It must be Mike who had arranged for them as protection.

When Lawrence just walked out from his car, a man in black walked towards him.

"Mr. Lawrence," the man greeted him politely.

"Nothing special happened after I left, I hope?" Lawrence asked, looking around. It was very quiet in the morning, nothing special.

"Nothing special. Everything is well," the man replied.

Lawrence nodded and then walked inside the villa.

Greg had just finished having his breakfast. Greg was a bit shocked to see that Lawrence was there.

"Brother, when did you come back?" asked Greg.

"Yesterday," said Lawrence. Then he looked upstairs, asking, "Is Uncle Fred feeling okay now?"

"Well, he is getting better," said Greg, and motioned Lawrence to sit, "Brother, please have a seat."

Sitting down on the sofa, Lawrence stared at Greg, who was holding a glass of water for him, and asked, "How is everything going on, is all well at your end?"

Greg also sat on the sofa, and said, "It is almost over. The funeral was held yesterday. We just informed a few people about the news. My father was in a very bad condition, and I was also worried that he wouldn't be able to control himself well there, so he didn't attend. The funeral was just held in a hurry."

"I get it. I have also heard that it is Aunt Selina who is managing the hospital now, isn't it?" asked Lawrence.

"Yes, I needed her help. Everything has happened so suddenly, I couldn't handle it all by

in her hand and two knives hidden in her boots.

She was staring towards the elevator, the switching room and the fire control room.

The tenth floor of JC building was its control centre. Generally, people didn't go there. Only the administrator was allowed to visit that section. And sometimes the cleaner would come here to do some cleaning. There was a switching room, a fire control room, a supervising room, and some other rooms on that floor. Only the administrator knew the region divisions. And except the administrator, no one knew how to enter the rooms.

Yesterday night, Hellen's computer had signalled alarms, warning her that someone had entered the forbidden zone. Hellen checked it and then she was sure that it was Sally. She was excited that she had finally found where Sally was. Like what Lawrence had guessed, Sally no doubt would come to JC Building if she wanted to destroy them. And now Hellen was here waiting for her to come.

"Ding-dong," the elevator stopped on the tenth floor. Wearing a hat, a mask and the clothes for cleaners, Sally walked out of the elevator while wheeling the refuse cart towards the room.

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