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   Chapter 898 Caught By Lawrence (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 5617

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"Yes, don't you have any idea about it?" asked Mike. Lawrence's expression was making him confused.

"It surprises me that Uncle Wilson has asked Aunt Selina to manage the hospital. It's a very tough job," Lawrence commented. As far as Lawrence knew, Uncle Wilson loved Aunt Selina deeply. And more than that, he had never asked Aunt Selina to do any work that would be tiring for her. But this time, just to help the Xiao Family out, Uncle Wilson had even agreed Aunt Selina to manage the hospital. It wasn't an easy job, he should be knowing that.

"Maybe he had made that decision just for the sake of the Chu Family," said Mike. And then he added casually, "Chu Family and the Xiao Family are relatives. When you were not here, something terrible has happened to their Family. Uncle Wilson was worried about them, hence, Aunt Selina decided to help them by managing the hospital. This should help you understand."

While he was trying to assure Lawrence, Mike nodded to keep showing his approval to the same.

"I will go and visit Greg tomorrow, I am worried about him too. As for Aunt Selina, I would just ignore her for now. Please tell Uncle Wilson and Aunt Selina that I have come back," said Lawrence. He wasn't capable of taking too many things into consideration at that moment.

"Okay, no problem. And I have also told about your relationship with Aria to Uncle Derek and Uncle Mond. They both understand that you love her and she is your choice, but," Mike paused for a second, looking at Lawrence seriously, and then asked, "Uncle Mond wants me to ask you, what do you plan to do next? How are you going to deal with Sally, now that she has taken things too

en though there are carpets, you should wear shoes. Remember it next time," said Lawrence. He was paying immense attention to Aria.

"Okay," Aria promised to him obediently.

"I am very tired, let's go to bed and catch some sleep," said Lawrence. Since he had got off the plane, he had been busy with something or other and had got no time to rest at all. Now, he really felt very exhausted.


Next morning, when Lawrence got up to go, Aria was still sleeping soundly. Lawrence whispered in her ear, "I am going out. If you feel hungry, remember to eat whatever food you like. Lily will prepare the meals."

"Okay, I got it," answered Aria, dreamily.

Lawrence got dressed quickly and took a shower, and then he walked downstairs to leave.

Hearing his footsteps, Lily walked out of the kitchen and greeted him, "Master, good morning."

"Morning. Don't prepare breakfast for me, I am going out. Please remember to make some food for Aria. She will want to eat something whenever she gets up," said Lawrence, before he left the house.

"Okay. I will make some food for her," replied Lily.

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