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   Chapter 897 A Discussion (Part Two)

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The doctor took the check without hesitation but his mouth agape when he saw the numbers on it. "Mr. Lawrence, you don't need to pay me this much. I don't think it's appropriate for me to accept this."

"Just take it. From now on, I need you to come to this villa regularly and check her bruises as well as her health. I want you to come here once a week. After she recovers, I'll give you another check as additional payment," ordered Lawrence.

Without waiting for the doctor to answer, Lawrence stood up and headed for the stairs. Right now, nothing was more important to him than seeing Aria's condition.

Aria woke up in the afternoon. When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to see the surroundings.

She saw Lawrence sitting on the bedside. She smiled at him the moment she laid eyes on him. She felt warm in her heart when she saw his face. At the same time, she also noticed that there were other two people standing not too far away from them who seemed to be elderly.

Lawrence seemed to notice the confusion in her face when she looked at Lily and Bill so he comforted her in a gentle voice, "Don't be afraid of them. They are the ones who take care of our family. She is Lily and he is Bill."

Aria felt relieved after she heard Lawrence's words.

"Hello, Miss Aria. Just call me Lily like what Mr. Lawrence used to call me. You can ask for my help anytime you need me," Lily introduced herself with a smile. "I cooked some chicken soup for you. I'll go and get it now," Lily added then she turned around and left.

"Hello, Miss Aria. I'm Bill," Bill greeted respectfully.

Aria nodded her head to Bill as a response. She then turned her eyes back to Lawrence and asked in confusion, "Am I at your home?"

"Yes, you are. You have been lying on my bed for one day," Lawrence replied as he touched her hair.

"Why did you take me here? I want to go back to my own home now,"

he only answered, "Let's talk about that later. Anyway, they will know her one day."

"Well, you're right. Anyway, your parents will not be back for a while so you still have time to deal with it. There is always a solution," comforted Mike in an brotherly tone. Then, he held his glass up to have a toast with Lawrence and took a sip of wine.

"So, what are you going to do with Greg?" Mike asked again. "Is Uncle Fred okay?" Lawrence asked back.

He already knew that Mike had asked some people to take care of the Xiao Family recently. "Well, he is awake now. But he still doesn't look good," Mike replied.

"I may go pay him a visit tomorrow," Lawrence said.

"My parents asked me to do it and Violet is also worried about them. Although she didn't ask me to do anything for them, I know that she cares much about them," narrated Lawrence.

"Yeah, she might be worried about them so much. We all know how much she and Greg love each other," Mike agreed. "By the way, Greg looks good recently. He is already dealing with almost everything well at home and Aunt Selina is helping him manage the XS Hospital. I think everything is going well," he added.

"Aunt Selina is managing the XS Hospital?" Lawrence asked in puzzlement. He was surprised to know.

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