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   Chapter 896 A Discussion (Part One)

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"Alright, sure. Anyway, I also have a lot things to tell you," said Mike.

"For the meantime, don't tell my Uncles yet that I'm back," Lawrence then said in a worried tone. "I don't think I'll have time to visit them at this moment."

"I guess they already knew about it. We both know that they are quite close to your father. Don't you think your parents will tell them that you're back?" replied Mike. He thought that Lawrence's worries were all for naught. Then he continued, "But don't worry, they won't think you're rude even if you don't visit them. Remember, you are family. And family doesn't really have to care about the etiquette."

Lawrence thought for a moment and realized that Mike was right. A family didn't have to care about the etiquette.

"Lawrence, I'm just wondering. What are you going to do with Greg?" Mike suddenly asked. He was still worried about Greg.

"Let's talk about that when you come to my home this evening," Lawrence replied helplessly. He suddenly felt somewhat distressed. He just came back home but he already had a lot of things to do and to think about. He was in a predicament now and he didn't know what to do first.

"Alright, I'll see you in the evening," agreed Mike.

When Lawrence arrived at home, Lily and Bill were already waiting for him in the yard.

Lawrence got out of the car and glided to the passenger seat. He picked Aria up who was still in a coma. Then he walked towards the villa with her in his arms.

When they saw Lawrence carrying a woman who seemed to be unconscious and whose clothes were worn out, Lily and Bill couldn't help but exchange wondering glances. They didn't have any idea what was going on.

"Bill, where is the doctor?" Lawrence approached Bill immediately when he was near them. "The doctor has just called me to say that he's already on his way. He'll be here soon," Bill replied at once.

Lawrence walked to the villa after giving Bill a nod.

As they watched Lawrence walked inside, Lily and Bill started to talk in a low voice.

"Maybe that woman is Mr. Lawrence's girlfriend," Bill guessed uncertainly. "I think you're right," Lily also agreed.

As far as she could remember, Lawrence never had an intimate relationship with other women except Violet and A

villa from now on. I hope you can drive for her wherever she wants to go in the future."

"Sure, Mr. Lawrence. That won't be a problem," Bill replied instantly. "Miss Aria can tell me where she wants to go and I'll drive for her anytime." Lily had already told him about Lawrence's relationship with the lady so he couldn't find any reason to refuse Lawrence's request.

"Well, that's good. Thank you. You can go and do your own thing now," Lawrence said. He then turned his back on Bill and looked out of the window. He couldn't help but furrow his brows when he thought about Aria. He was very much worried about her.

Ten minutes later, the doctor came downstairs and walked towards Lawrence. He stood next to Lawrence and reported, "Mr. Lawrence, the lady just suffered a few bruises. Luckily, there was nothing serious like bone fractures. I'll just prescribe some anti-inflammatory and ointment for her. She'll recover quickly if she applies those medicines on time."

"Anything else?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. He didn't think Aria could just be cured so easily.

"The lady is weak and she needs nutrition so you need to pay attention to her diet. In addition, her emotions switch violently. It seems that she was harassed too much recently. She needs to stabilize her mood and it will take you some time and energy to help her with it," the doctor replied while looking directly at Lawrence's eyes.

"I see. Thank you," Lawrence said with a nod then gave the doctor a check for his fee.

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