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   Chapter 894 Come To Your Rescue (Part Two)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6816

Updated: 2019-04-05 20:57

Sensing his bro was in no mood for small talk, Mike tactfully turned his security detail and ordered, "Guys, get into your car and go to the prison now. We will leave and follow you in a minute."

Straight away the men dashed to their car and and drove away.

Once they got to the highway Mike stepped on the gas and sped off like a bullet.

"How is she going now?" Lawrence asked anxiously, although he tried to stay still. He was quite nervous. The first thing he wanted to do after his arrival was to meet Aria.

"She wasn't injured much, but she's still nursing her wounds, which may take some time to recover fully. After all, she can't gain good care while in prison," Mike replied, wishing there was a way they could get Aria proper medical attention. As he said that, Mike peered at Lawrence who sat by, looking both angry and cold while he stared straight ahead like he could see his enemy in the distance.

"What about Rebecca?" Lawrence asked.

"My Dad has arranged for some people to monitor her. She looks quite normal recently, but," Mike paused for a second. "We've found evidence that shows Aria is innocent. Rebecca's assistant knows all the truth, and as long as she is willing to testify, things will be easy to solve," he added.

Surprised, Lawrence asked, 'Will she take our side?"

"Speaking of this, I'm convinced that in this society, everyone pursues money and with money, you can do anything. My family may not be as rich as yours, but we do have enough money to make Rebecca's assistant tell the truth," Mike replied.

"So could Aria leave the prison now?" Lawrence then asked. He kicked himself for leaving Aria so vulnerable. Even though he had had a hunch Sally might try to harm her, he hadn't paid much attention. Now he wanted to bring her out straight away. For the rest of his life, he would never leave her so exposed again.

"Yes, I've put everything in order. I was only waiting for you to come and secure her release." So far Lawrence was very impressed with how Mike had held the f

d her, she feared that the heartless gang of criminals was back here to torment her again. She was helpless, weak and vulnerable, and there was nothing she could do to stop them.

Sensing how terrified she was, Lawrence took a step or two back and tried to sooth her. "It's me darling. Calm down!" he tried to put her at easy.

Aria didn't realize that it was Lawrence from his voice and she kept shouting, "Don't...Don't touch me." At this moment, she had no hope of meeting Lawrence. She knew Lawrence wasn't in this city and it was no use thinking he'd come to her rescue.

Unable to control himself anymore, Lawrence tightly held her arms and said firmly, "Hey! Pull yourself together. It's Lawrence. Look at me." But Aria kept on shouting, fighting wildly.

That only made her shout louder. "Please, please. Let go of me," she cried out. But Lawrence still didn't let her go. Instead, he tightened his grip on her arms.

Now he raised his voice and shouted, "It's me, Lawrence, please. It's me, your Larry! Won't you listen even for a minute?"

Suddenly, the whole world froze in a moment. Aria opened her eyes and met his gaze which reflected conflicted emotions. On the one hand, he was so full of love for her and eager to bring her out of this godawful dungeon. But on the other hand, he seethed with rage and hatred over her tormentors.

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