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   Chapter 893 Come To Your Rescue (Part One)

My Mr. Soldier By Xing Chen Characters: 6573

Updated: 2019-04-05 17:29

At the international airport, Lawrence checked in with only one suitcase. A black Tumi Alpha luggage bag. Usually he didn't like travelling with so much luggage.

Standing not far away from the security checkpoint, Cherry held her son's hand, finding it hard to say goodbye.

Careful not to miss his flight, Lawrence checked time by his wristwatch and turned to his mother. "Mum, I have to go now," he said. "Take care of yourself," he added, finding it hard to say goodbye too.

Then Lawrence turned to his sister Violet who had also come along. But while he fumbled on words, feeling too emotional, Violet stepped forward and hugged him.

Tightly holding her brother, Violet was overcome, tears forming at the corners of her eyes. She leaned against his shoulder and said faintly, "Remember to help Greg."

"Don't worry," Lawrence replied, parting her on the back. "By any means possible, I'll see to it that Greg is safe," he assured his sister and best friend.

After they finally stopped hugging, Violet sat down on the bench with her mother.

Standing by, Jackson took a look at his adorable daughter then at his wife. The two were already feeling the void that Lawrence would leave in their hearts for the time he was away. However, he offered no encouragement, choosing instead to use the few remaining minutes to talk to Lawrence before departure. Jackson asked, "You look anxious Son! Do you have anything emergency to deal with?"

In response, Lawrence called out seriously, "Dad, of course you know the source of my anxiety." Then he raised his head to make eye contact with his father, before continuing, "Hasn't Uncle Derek told you?"

Both the father and son knew why Lawrence was taking this journey. Beside, Jackson fully understood what was on his son's mind right now. But he didn't want to answer abruptly, so he simply let Lawrence continue talking.

"Do you still want to protect her?" Lawrence finally asked.

Careful not j

hour, and even if the flight was delayed, Lawrence should have arrived now.

Out of anxiety, he sent one of his men, "Kindly go and check whether Mr. Lawrence was on plane."

"Yes, Sir," the man replied and was ready to go. But just at that moment, he noticed people checking through the exit. A particular guy among the arrivals seemed to draw quite some attention. Not that he was a celebrity, nor was he wearing anything fancy. But he was a tall guy with well-toned muscles and carried himself with such confidence and charm that women found irresistible. Even men noticed his chiseled features and charisma with a tinge of envy.

The man that Mike wanted to send noticing a slight stir at the exit the alerted his boss. "Sir," he began. "It seems Mr. Lawrence is already here."

The moment Mike looked at the exits, a smile appeared on his face. He was glad to have Lawrence back according to their plans.

Lawrence walked straight to Mike and gave his suitcase to one of their security men, who put it in Mike's car.

"Dude, I have thought that you won't be back again," Mike quipped pleasantly.

But Lawrence still gutted by the cruel murder of Sharon and weighed down with the task at hand simply replied, "Enough chitchat. My time is quite valuable." Then he directly got in Mike's car.

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