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   Chapter 892 A Special Bond Of A Mother And Son (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-04-05 05:44

Violet didn't respond. She was still blankly staring at the window. Instead of responding to what her brother just said, Violet told his brother, "I think I need some time alone."

Seeing how upset his sister was, he complied at her request. Before leaving the room, he said, "Don't be too long. Dad and Mom are waiting for us for dinner."

"Okay, I'll join you soon," Violet replied.

As soon as Lawrence closed the door, she loosened the tough look on her face. She tried to act strongly in front of her family, but she missed Greg so much. 'How are you, Greg?' she thought to herself.

While she was trying to compose herself, her phone that was on the bed suddenly rang. It was her message ringtone. She went over the bed, took her phone, and unlocked it. She saw a text message on the screen and saw it was from her Aunt Selina.

She opened the message and it read as, "Violet, my sweetie, please forgive me. I lied to Greg..."

After reading the whole message, Violet was overwhelmed. It felt like her emotions skyrocketed. And it was like her fingers had a mind of their own and quickly dialed a number that she memorized by heart.

There was silence followed by a ringing. And finally, the other line picked up.

"Hello?" Greg's voice sounded from the other line.

At that moment, Violet felt like her heart skipped a beat. All the sound in the world vanished and all she could hear was the voice she was dying to hear for a very long time. It was like music to her ears.

She didn't answer back. As there was silence, Greg continued, "Excuse me, may I know who's on the other line?"

Still, Violet remained silent. It's not that she didn't want to talk to Greg. It's just that she was speechless. She was happy that her tears started to fall from her eyes. Tears of joy and of longing.

Almost a minute later, as if Greg realized that it was Violet on the other line, he started calling her name, "Violet, is that you? You're Violet, right?"

Still no response from Violet. But her hands were shaking.

"I know that it's you, Violet. How are you doing, my love? I miss you so much. I want to hear your voice," Greg begged. This wasn't all he wanted to say to Violet, but he couldn't find t

Besides, it has been a long time since I saw your Grandma and Grandpa. I miss them so much. Remember to pay your grandparents a visit. Your Uncle and Aunt are busy with their work and they don't have much time to stay with them. Please take good care of them for us."

"I will. Don't worry, Mom. As soon as I get home, I will visit them," Lawrence obediently said.

"I'm glad to hear that," Cherry replied. She's glad to see his son grow up to be this kind of man. But at the same time, she felt a little worried. "Dear, please take good care of yourself when you get back home. If you want to eat something, just tell Lily. Don't ever skip a meal," she urged her son.

"Don't worry about me, Mom. I can take care of myself. Instead of worrying about me, please take care of yourself. Don't burden yourself with business matters. Dad will handle them well. All you need to do is to attend to Dad and Violet. If you find household chores tiring, just hire a servant," Lawrence pleaded, still worried about his mother.

"I'm fine. Don't worry. I can handle it. I don't have too many chores to do at home," Cherry assured his son.

"Just one more thing, son. Once you are back home, would you also drop by the Xiao family? We all know they suffered a loss, but unfortunately, me, your Dad, and Violet are not there. I'm sure Greg would be glad to have you there by his side as a friend," Cherry added.

"Not a problem, Mom. I will do as you say," Lawrence replied.

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