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   Chapter 891 A Special Bond Of A Mother And Son (Part One)

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Lawrence obediently nodded his head in agreement. It had been so long since he spent some alone time with his father.

"My only request is that you take care of yourself, son. Your mom and I find comfort knowing that you're safe even if you're away from us," Jackson said to his son. He could see his young self in Lawrence. He patted his son's head just like when Lawrence was a young boy.

"I will, Dad," Lawrence replied. He felt the sadness in his father's voice that very moment.

The father and son spent the hours in silence. It was as if time had slowed down that moment. Lawrence only wished that time would stop just for a moment so he could spend more time with his father, but night came, and they had to go home. "I guess it's time we go home now, son. Your mother might get worried if we don't get there by dinner," Jackson said.

"Okay, Dad," Lawrence replied. They went to the car together. Jackson fastened his seatbelt and started the engine. They drove off to their home away from the setting sun.

As they were driving along the busy streets of this foreign city, Lawrence could only remember the city he grew up in back home. It was almost the same city lights, tall buildings, and the crowd- except the signages and designs were in a foreign language in which Lawrence wasn't versed with. It brought back memories, happy ones. The city view was slowly changing into trees, private villas, and flower gardens. Lawrence knew that they were almost home. As they arrived in the villa, they were welcomed by their villa security team. The gate was opened before them and as they passed the security personnel, Jackson saluted to the man and drove off. At the front of the main door, a house staff was waiting. Jackson and Lawrence stepped out of the car. The house staff approached Jackson and the latter handed the car key to him. Finally, the father and son were home. They found Cherry in the kitchen, wearing an apron, busy preparing the dinner for the family.

Jackson sidled up to his wife and threw his arms around her waist. Cherry was surprised but immediately recognized her husband's arms and scent and smiled. Jackson rested his head on her shoulder dotingly. Catching a glimpse of the ingredients on the table, he exclaimed with a smile, "Looks like we'll have a bountiful meal!"

"Yes, and that's because my son is here," Cherry excitedly replied

e couldn't stare at his eyes longer because she was reminded of her husband, Greg. She missed him so much that she felt her heart aching. She couldn't let go of the past until now.

"My surgery was successful," Violet said, trying to change the subject of their conversation. "Give it time and I can wear dresses again. I won't feel inferior anymore and I can now live a life I dreamed of. I will be the master of my own destiny."

Upon hearing this, Lawrence seemed to have fully understood Violet's thoughts. She hated losing since they were kids. She was more stubborn than Alice. And now that she got rid of those ugly scars, nothing could hold her back anymore. Violet was like reborn and there was no way she would give up this new beginning. Lawrence remained silent.

"Lawrence," Violet said abruptly in a husky voice.

"Yeah?" Lawrence responded, his eyes locked on the overlooking city view.

Violet took a deep breath and looked for the courage to finally ask, "How's Greg holding up?" Her voice started to crack as if she was about to cry. She tried to hold up and appear to be strong.

"Why don't you call him and ask him yourself?" Lawrence asked. He knew that Violet loved Greg so much and she cared about him deeply.

Violet remained silent. She was in her deep thoughts, trying to picture her husband in her mind.

"Tell him that you miss him. Greg arranged this operation for you because he wanted you to find yourself back," Lawrence continued. "And he needs you now more than ever. After what had happened to his family, Greg needs his wife by his side."

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