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   Chapter 890 A Talk Between Father And Son (Part Two)

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"I know Violet. She will come back as I said to him," replied Selina. She was quite confident about Violet's coming back as she knew that Violet had only loved Greg and she would come back to him.

In the Lu family's villa, Derek was quietly smoking on the sofa. Amy was sitting next to him and thinking about something. Alice, who was snuggling herself to her Mother, was worried too.

"Daddy, what on earth should we do now to this tricky situation we are in? Who can help Greg at this time?" Alice asked. In the face of such grievous news, both she and Tim had no idea what to do to help him.

Derek said, "Mike has had his men guarding the Xiao family, so they are safe and no more in danger now. As for Sharon, there is nothing we can do except arranging her funeral. Fred..." He didn't continue his words.

"All we can do is to pray for him so that he comes out of the pain quickly," said Amy. She actually didn't care for Sharon, but she was worried more about Greg. After all, Greg is a good man and the husband of Violet.

"Daddy, when will Lawrence come back?" Alice suddenly asked.

"I don't know, dear. He won't tell us even if he is coming back," said Derek. He knew Lawrence well. The young man wouldn't tell others about his plan.

"I hope he could come back to the city soon. Even though Mike is powerful, I still believe that only Lawrence could solve all the problems," Alice said with expectation in her voice.


Three weeks later, on a stone bench of a park in the suburb two men were sitting.

Lawrence was gazing at the sight just before him.

"Boy," Jackson gently called him out.

"Yes, Dad?" answered Lawrence.

"Violet is in a mu

ont of others. Time just flew away.

"Well, none of us could carry on regardless of the time," Jackson sighed. He then didn't want to talk about time and aging anymore, so he changed to another topic, "When Violet is better and willing to come back, the three of us will return. Then we can stay together forever."

"Really?" Lawrence was a bit surprised at that statement. He had never influenced or said no to any of Jackson's decisions. When he heard such exciting news, he acted like a child, who was watching his father with esteem and admiration.

"Yes, your mother has made up her mind. She has been longing to go back," Jackson nodded and said.

"Then you come back as soon as possible. You know that Lily and Bill are waiting for you," Lawrence said. Actually he himself also wished that his Dad and Mom would come back as soon as possible.

"Lawrence," said Jackson in a grave voice, "Before that, your Mom and I need to help Violet change and improve herself after all that has happened. We owe her too much. As long as she wants to study and improve her abilities, I'll try my best to help her out."

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