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   Chapter 889 A Talk Between Father And Son (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-04-04 21:42

"Greg, it's time that you be a man and support your family, they need your help." Wilson tried to encourage him.

"I will try my best, uncle," Greg said in a low voice, his disappointment quite evident.

Selina pondered for a long time even while she was watching Greg, who had kept his head down out of the shame he was feeling. She then said to him, "Greg, raise your head and look at me. I want to tell you something, which might help you somehow."

Selina forced Greg to look up and face her so that she could tell him the secret.

Greg had no choice but to turn towards her as he knew that she was very serious this time. He was waiting to hear what she had to say.

"I got to speak with Violet through phone last night," Selina began to say.

Greg's eyes popped up when Selina mentioned Violet. He couldn't help trembling. "Is she all right?" He looked at Selina and asked in a feeble tone.

Selina nodded and said, "She's in a pretty good condition now. And, there are some messages that she wanted me to deliver to you. Do you think you would want to hear what she has to say?"

"Of course! I'm listening to you," Greg immediately answered. He couldn't think of any other things but Violet's operation and her health after the same.

"Violet has heard of your stepmother's death and she's worried about you. She wanted you to be strong in this hour of need, for you have always been a man who she could look at for support. So you shouldn't let those issues defeat you or harm your spirit, you know? If you keep being depressed like this, she will be sad as well," Selina said.

Greg, who w

knowledge to boast of, I can deal with some basic fundamental management stuff. So you can first adjust yourself and solve your family problems. And, don't forget what Violet has said."

"Okay," Greg nodded.


Wilson and Selina walked out of Greg's house and drove back home satisfied after the exchange.

"Do you think whatever you said to Greg would harm him?" Wilson seemed a bit worried.

"It won't," Selina said confidently, "Though I was lying to him, whatever I said worked for Greg. Only by doing such kind of encouraging words he would change his mind and rise again from his misery."

Wilson fell into silence for he had seen that Greg did change as she said.

"If Violet would have been here, she wouldn't have been happy to see Greg so depressed and sad. After all, he's a smart and promising man who has a great future ahead. We couldn't let these things bring him down," Selina added.

"But we have no idea whether Violet will come back here or not. You asked Greg to wait for her but, when will the end of his waiting be?" asked Wilson.

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